The Maya Were Dependent On Nature

Almost 4,000 years ago, the first Maya obtained their food from hunting, fishing, and collecting wild fruits. When they settled in permanents communities, they began to cultivate certain food [...]


Guatemala Vacation Destinations:

Guatemala Vacation Destinations: Guatemala is among the most valuable travel destination within Central America. The country is renowned for its Mayan ruins, vibrant live culture, active [...]


Where to Vacation in Guatemala?

Where to Vacation in Guatemala? Guatemala is a multiethnic and multicultural nation, having an extraordinary natural wealth with fantastic weather all year long. It likewise has gorgeous [...]


Tips For People Vacationing Abroad

Tips For People Vacationing Abroad While a trip abroad could be quite a fascinating and enjoyable experience, it can also be unsafe. A person should not be discouraged from vacationing abroad to [...]

Holidays in Guatemala

Tailor-made vacations in Guatemala Guatemala is undoubtedly one of the outstanding countries for vacationing in Central America, a multicolored destination where living culture, Mayan history, [...]

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