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El Mirador is a large pre-Columbian Mayan settlement, located in the north of the modern department of Peten. El Mirador flourished from about the 6th century BC, reaching its height from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century A.D, with a peak population of perhaps more than a hundred thousand people, judging by the size and extent of the labor pool required to build the massive constructions.

It then experienced a hiatus of construction and perhaps abandonment for generations, followed by re-occupation and further construction in the Late Classic era, and a final abandonment about the end of the 9th century.

The civic center of the site covers some 10 square miles (26 km?) with several thousand structures, including monumental architecture from 10 to 30 meters high.

There are a number of “triadic” structures (around 35 structures), consisting of large artificial platforms topped with a set of 3 summit pyramids. The most notable such structures are three huge complexes; one is nicknamed “El Tigre”, with height 55 meters (180 ft); the other is called “La Danta” (or Danta) temple.

The La Danta temple measures approximately 70 meters (230 ft) tall from the forest floor, and considering its total volume (2,800,000 cubic meters) is one of the largest pyramids in the world. When the large man-made platform that the temple is built upon (some 18,000 square meters) is included in calculations, La Danta is considered by some archeologists to be one of the most massive ancient structures in the world.

Also the “Los Monos” complex is very large (48 meters high) although not as well known. Most of the structures were originally faced with a cut stone which was then decorated with large stucco masks depicting the deities of Maya mythology.

According to Carlos Morales-Aguilar, a Guatemalan archaeologist, the city appears to have been planned from its foundation, as extraordinary alignments have been found between the architectural groups and main temples, which were possibly related to solar alignments.

The study reflects an importance of urban planning and sacred spaces since the first settlers.


  • Highlights: Community of Carmelita – El Nacimiento Camp site – El Mirador National Park
  • Activities: Bird watching – Archaeology – Nature and Wildlife
  • Difficulty: High
  • Holiday Type: Tailor-made
  • You will visit: Guatemala
  • Trip Style: Couples – Small Groups
  • Comfort level: Standard
  • Transportation: Minibus – 4×4 – SUV
  • Length: 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Physical demand: Trip may include activities like walks, hikes and 4×4 rides
  • Group size: Minimum 1
  • Pick up / Drop off locations: Flores island


Day 1 - El Nacimiento

Departure time 6:00 a.m. We pick you up at your hotel. Arrival at Carmelita at 9:00 a.m. which is 82 km. away from Flores. Jungle walk to El Nacimiento: after unpacking, we will meet our local guide and we will start towards El Nacimiento. Horses will be there to carry our luggage. This is a 25 km or 6 hr. walk. We will have a Country style lunch on the way to the site. Dinner will be served at El Nacimiento camp site.

Good night.

Day 2 - El Nacimiento - El Mirador

Jungle morning wake up call. Breakfast will be served at El Nacimiento camp site. At 7:00 a.m. we will begin our jungle walk towards El Mirador, this is 8 hrs. We will do a Country style lunch on the way to the camp site. Good night.

Day 3 - El Mirador

Jungle morning wake up call. Breakfast will be served at El Mirador campsite. We will then explore the city of El Mirador. We will do lunch on the site. Dinner will be served at El Mirador campsite. Good night.

Day 4 to 5 - Return

Jungle morning wake up call. Breakfast will be served at El Mirador campsite. At 07:00 a.m. we will begin our jungle walk back to Carmelita, in the same way, we went in.

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