Luxury Hotels in Guatemala

Luxury Hotels in Guatemala

Here you will find all the information you need on the best luxury hotels in Guatemala. We have put together for you a list of the top rated hotels, carefully selected, with a description of the varying facilities, quality of service, and other features boasted by these locations, so that you can make a personalized and well informed decision when planning your stay.

The four tourist zones that provide the widest range of luxury hotel options for visitors are Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala, Tikal, and Lake Atitlan.

Guatemala City, the country’s capital, has the latest high-end, international chain hotels. For example, in the Hilton Guatemala Hotel, American-style decor and facilities such as a state-of-the-art gym and personal trainer greet one upon arrival. Its convenient location in Zona Viva, the capital’s centre of entertainment, full of historical landmarks and fine restaurants, make it well tailored to the business traveller. If you wish for a more local-inspired feel, there is of course the Westin Camino Real Hotel Guatemala City, but for the full cultural experience, the luxury hotels of Antigua Guatemala are the best options for you.

Antigua was proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 1979 and is the most popular destination for tourists. It contains the widest variety of options when it comes to luxury hotels. The majority are period houses turned into hotels for discerning guests, and are filled with museum pieces, local art, and a strong period ambience while providing all the latest conveniences. Among them are Jacuzzi baths, flat screen TVs, spacious rooms, and international as well as regional cuisine. You can take your pick from places ranging from a cozy 7 room hotel which provides a private getaway without foregoing any of the best 21st century amenities, to the 126 room accommodation provided by the famed Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. Added to all that the hotels offer in themselves are the peaceful cultural surroundings of the colonial city.

Tikal, the city of ancient ruins, and Lake Atitlan provide fewer options for luxury hotels, but the best among with them boast hotel suites that blend the same quality service and optimal comfort of other luxury hotels with sustainable, environment-inspired decor and accommodations. It comes complete with lagoon and lake views, not to mention its proximity to the natural landscapes and tourist attractions of Guatemala.