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Panama Tours

Panama is a destination of lovely shorelines, ancient historical monuments, native traditions, park jungles, mountains, and rivers. Besides, because of human genius, it’s the connection between the earth’s two vast oceans, the Pacific, and also the Caribbean ocean through the Panama canal.

This engineering masterwork is the best well-known attraction in the city. However, Panama city is also a cosmopolitan town area that has contemporary hotels. Conference centers, plus a history that kept alive in its monuments and squares.

Visitors can pick among two the Caribbean or pacific coast. On the first, you will discover more than one thousand island destinations hidden away. The province of Guna Yala hosts the indigenous Gunas, who have steadfastly remained devoted to their ancient culture. Within the pacific shoreline, as well as boasting 495 islands. On both coasts, you can practice different aquatic sports, including sportfishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Its parks, natural reserves, and bushy tropical jungles are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna that could be witnessed because of tours and routes that respect the habitat of this wildlife.

Panama’s wildlife is among the most diverse in Central America. The country is the home of several South American and North American wildlife species.


Borders to the North with the Caribbean Sea, East with Colombia, West with Costa Tica and Sout with the Pacific Ocean


The official language of the country is Spanish, English is widely spoken

When to go?

All year-round, the has a tropical climate with temperatures between 26 and 30 °C and a high level of humidity.

Currency & Credit Cards

The Balboa is the official currency, US dollars, and credit cards, outside of main cities is better to bring cash

Migratory Requirements

Valid Passport, Visa and / Tourist Card


Panama Tour Packages

Panama Oceans & Islands Tour
Panama Oceans & Islands
Stay on Isla Bastimentos, a gorgeous island removed from the crowds of the main island, covered in lush rainforest, beautiful beaches, and is surrounded by turquoise Caribbean waters. Enjoy days filled with wildlife viewing, snorkeling
Classic Panama Tour
Classic Panama
For those of you who just cannot get enough beach time on your vacation, we have got the Panama Island Hopper vacation package just for you! You will stay on two different islands within the Caribbean and Pacific on this week-long
Costa Rica & Panama Tour
Panama & Costa Rica
Your holiday begins in Panama where you will learn about its rich culture & history by visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, the modern marvel of the Panama Canal, cloud forests, and end with a few nights relaxing on an all-inclusive island



This picturesque region located in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and South of Mexico offers a fantastic opportunity to discover Maya history, live culture, colonial cities, beaches, and the Selva Maya, a unique tropical forest that inhabits abundant neotropical flora and fauna.

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