Short Breaks & One Day Tours in Guatemala

Short Breaks & One Day Tours in Guatemala

Martsam Travel organizes short breaks in different regions of Guatemala, from one to three-day tours, designed for people traveling in Guatemala and like to arrange their day by day, for just a little time or businesses.

Our short breaks and one day tours in Guatemala are operated mainly on a private basis, customized according to your requirements, visiting a specific destination, looking for specialties or even with the goal of great pictures.

Our one day tours in Guatemala, start from the main travel destinations in Guatemala, such as Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango, Flores – Peten, & Coban.

Tikal One Day Tour

One Day Tours in Guatemala

The National Park is 576 sq. km and contains over 3000 structures spread around different plazas like the Acropolis, ceremonial temples, residences, ball courts and astronomical complexes. The natural surroundings of the Maya city are a laboratory of fauna and flora which is a perfect proof of a humid subtropical forest.

In this tour, you will be guided along the paths of the most important city in the Mayan world. Abundant wildlife, the Mayan forest, temples millennial silent witness of the birth and splendor as well as of the collapse of one of the most important civilizations on the planet.

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Antigua Guatemala Walking One Day Tour

Antigua One Day Tour

Antigua was founded in 1543 in the valley of Panchoy for Francisco de la Cueva, surrounded by magnificent volcanoes Water, Fuego and Acatenango, silent guardians of an exquisite architectonic inheritance of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Our Cultural Walking Tour is a journey through our history visiting ruins, churches, markets and museums; in this city the stories and legends of the colonial times are still present along with the old paved streets.

Tikal Sunrise & Sunset Short Break Tour

Tikal National Park

Tikal Sunrise & Sunset Tour: Best tour in Tikal to live a unique experience that includes maya history, tropical rainforest & abundant fauna.

Antigua Guatemala Biking One Day Tour

Antigua Guatemala Biking Tour

The terrain in and around Antigua is a mountain biker’s paradise. Riders can bike through the Almolonga Valley, visiting the villages of Santa Ana, San Juan del Obispo, San Pedro Las Huertas, Ciudad Vieja, home of Guatemala’s former second capital, which was buried by an earthquake-triggered mudslide in 1541.

Along the way we visit an experimental macadamia farm, learn how to do a cup of coffee from the seed to the cup. Dance local music with the women’s. At the end enjoy a nice local food “Pepian” made of many species and they add pork, beef or chicken.

Antigua Guatemala Village One Day Tour

Antigua One Day Tour

Enjoy a tour through the villages around Antigua Guatemala; where you will learn their history through ruined buildings, live culture and the incomparable view.

In this cultural tour you will visit: San Juan El Obispo (The first bishop in Guatemala founded by Francisco Marroquín), San Pedro Las Huertas, Ciudad Vieja (home of Guatemala’s former second capital, which was buried by an earthquake-triggered mudslide in 1541), experimental Organic Macadamia Farm, Santiago Zamora women´s cooperative and San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

The Santiago Zamora cooperative is a women´s association especially focuses on showing to tourists their local daily activities at home.

Pacaya Volcano One Day Tour

Pacaya Volcano Tour

Our tour starts with a morning transfer (1hr) to the foothills of the active Pacaya volcano. The hike then begins with a fairly strenuous hike through a wonderful pine forest, then through a more tricky volcanic ash section and finally to the sulfur smoking cone.

On occasions you can even see small eruptions and lava flow depending on the activity of the volcano. From the summit, we can enjoy great views of the northern volcanoes, the Pacific lowlands and all the way to El Salvador.

Back at the base of the volcano, our support vehicle awaits us for our transfer back to Antigua.

Yaxha One Day Tour

Yaxha National Park

This important ceremonial site is located by the lake known by the same name and is connected with Flores in the east by a 80 km road of which 70 km are paved while the last 10 km are sandy roads. Yaxha means “green water”.

It is a Maya city of monumental magnitude with over 500 structures. Situated on a hill, north of the lake, it occupies from east till west 3 km.

The site is characterized by large artificial platforms, causeways and roads connecting different architectural complexes of the city and the lake.

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