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Night photo of Santa Catalina Arch Antigua Guatemala - Vacation Packages

Guatemala Vacation Packages and Travel Ideas

Is probably the most valuable within the Central America traveling destinations. It is the nation famous because of its Ancient Temples, Mayan People, active volcanoes, delightful lakes and unique Mayan jungle.

Martsam Tour & Travel specializes in custom made Guatemala Private Tours and Vacation Packages, Family Vacations and Day guided tours for small groups, couples, and families looking for affordable premium holidays.

Our Adventure Tours and cultural holidays will take you to hidden history in the heart of the Mayan civilization a multicolored destination with an extreme geographic diversity, a climatic and ethnographic variety that made of Guatemala a country with an extraordinary cultural wealth that stands out for the contrast that offers its landscape, history and living culture.

Guatemala as a prime travel destination represents an excellent opportunity for all visitors to enjoy a fantastic Vacation, Tours & Holidays.

All Inclusive Guatemala Vacation Packages:

Our all-inclusive tours and vacations include hand-picked hotels and properties located in exotic destinations, safe and comfortable transportation, professional tour guides, meals, domestic flights, the best destinations, festivals and the expertise of 24 successful years in the travel market of the Mayan world.

Short Breaks and Day Tours:

For these travelers with a limited time, we can design a creative itinerary to suit your expectations about time, interest and special requests.

Our short breaks and one-day trips start from the main travel destinations, such as Guatemala City, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Coban, Tikal, Rio Dulce, El Remate and Flores Peten.

Where to go:

Martsam Tour & Travel mainly develop travel activities in and around Guatemala City, Antigua, Las Verapaces, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Ixil Triangle, Peten, The Atlantic, and Pacific coast.

These regions offer a palette of attractive destinations that enclose Maya live culture, ethnic markets, national parks, private reserves, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, tropical forest, wildlife, colonial cities, and archaeological sites.

Also, there are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Destinations (Tikal, Quirigua and Antigua Guatemala), and Coffee Farms, to mention some.

How to book a holiday:

Please fill out our request form from our website with your information and an expert travel planner will contact you soon to help in planning a bespoke vacation package
When you finally feel confident with our offer and agree to our quote, we will send you a PayPal secure payment request for an initial deposit to guarantee your reservation.

Antigua Guatemala

Founded in 1543, Antigua Guatemala was once the third most vital Spanish colony in the Americas, dominating over what’s today the southern area of Mexico and all Central America. More than 30 monastic orders called Antigua residence and put together breathtaking monasteries, convents and cathedrals in the town.

Titled a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, Antigua Guatemala brings tourists to its cobblestone streets by a large number. Many come to check out the city and wander through its ruins, while others come to make use of the many Spanish schools.

Antigua hotels

The Hotels in Antigua Guatemala are usually diverse going from small luxury hotels to family owned properties that accommodate every budget.

Antigua attractions

There are plenty of activities for the tourist to experience while staying in Antigua. The city themselves offers a wealth of churches and ruins that enable you to though away the times of day.

Experience the phenomenal galleries which exhibit genuine colonial artwork, silverwork and religious sculptures.

The Museum of Santiago features colonial ceramics, ironwork, a cannon and a sword used by Pedro de Alvarado. A book museum in the same building, which once stored the country’s first printing press, details the history of printing.

The Highlands & Lake Atitlan

An array of endless colors, dramatic landscape, and deeply entrenched Maya culture of this area produces an intense and overwhelming sensation for travelers and tourists.

Majestically magnificent evergreen volcanoes and turquoise blue waters twinkle brilliantly with the gorgeous threads of weaved typical costumes used by inhabitants throughout the many different communities’ surroundings the lake, that are as varied in clothing, culture and tradition as the local remain.

The Mayas claimed this area someday after 2000 B.C., yet during the period of 1000’s of years the complex customs of the Maya as well as the natural, spectacular beauty of the Lake Atitlan landscape have survived and still prosper currently.


The ‘holy city’ of Chichicastenango was settled by indigenous nobility fleeing the Spanish in Utatlan (Quiché capital 12 miles away) in the late 1520’s. Currently, clouds of incense spit forth as ardent worshippers and powerful shamans throughout Guatemala gather to execute a mix of Maya and Catholic ceremonies within and on the front steps (which cover the original Maya temple steps).

Chichicastenango Market days (Thursdays and Sundays) offer probably the most remarkable attractions to travelers and tourists, and overwhelming collage of craftsmen as well as their handicrafts crowd the church plaza even when ornately dressed men of the Cofradia (spiritual leaders) perform rituals in front of the entrance.

Colorful groups of women line the steps nearly hidden under brightly striped weavings and bunches of flowers.


The second largest city in Guatemala and an extremely industrious site, Xela (Quetzaltenango) is situated three hour additional on the Pan American Highway from Antigua Guatemala.

Inside the city, visitors will find a myriad of travel services and hotels although those that desire to live an adventure, you will find numerous eco-tourism activity opportunities such as a trekking and outdoor camping hikes through the mountains and volcanoes. The natural hot springs of Fuentes Georginas is found close by and are a must for many tourists.

The way leading to the hot springs by itself is nearly enough to make it worth the visit. when passing through lush plots of farming and peaceful vistas of cultivators working the land and picking up produce, the mist curls around the winding curves of the road.

Also in the area are a couple of glass blowing industries. Utilizing recycled glass, locals drinking mugs, floral vases and several other items are available in the gift stores.

Los Cuchumatanes and Todos Santos

These high peaks tower about Three thousand meters above sea level. The Mam speaking inhabitants was without roads in and out of the area until well into this century. Within the Cuchumatanes you will find the town of Todos Santos. This small town draws in thousands of travelers every year for the November 1st town fair. This is just one of the couple of places where men have maintained their traditional costume, and the people of Todos Santos are, perhaps, the most-photographed people in Guatemala.

Ixil Region

The Ixil area is located at the north of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Quiché, the area consists of three municipalities: Santa Maria Nebaj, San Juan Cotzal and San Gaspar Chajul.

The climate is varied; the highlands are drier and colder than the lowlands, reaching zero temperatures mainly in December and January. In the lowlands prevails the heat and humidity and the rainy season it is from May to October throughout the country.

The Ixil people has inhabited the area for more than 1,400 years, their main activity is agriculture; the corn sowing and the animal breeding are traditions which have acquired from their forefathers; although another activity such as coffee and cardamom-growing have been introduced by to the geographical characteristics of the region.

The region was conquered by the Spanish with the support of the Quiche people in 1530, but until the twentieth century they observed the presence of foreign people, that is why the region strongly shows its own and distinctive culture and identity, where the 84% of its population are indigenous with a unique language and authentic costumes.


Nebaj is located at the foot of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes at 1,907 mts. above sea level, the landscapes of this region of the Guatemalan highlands are impressive as well as its historical diversity and the features of the maya-ixil people, who are known all over the world by their huipiles and textiles which reflect and tell a story.

Nebaj is the largest village of the Ixil area and the main market days are Thursdays and Sundays although there is activity every day but at lower scale.


Cotzal village is located at 1,797 mts. above sea level at the valley of the north side of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes. The main market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, the patronal feast it is held on June 24 in honor to its Patron Saint San Juan.


Chajul is located at 1,991 mts. above sea level between the tempered lands of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes and the warm lands of Ixcan, where it is produced an excellent quality coffee.

This village is known to be the most traditionalist of the area which is evident through its traditional architecture of adobe and tile houses, wooden pillars carved with images and stories. The main market days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Catholic Church, where the Christ of Golgotha is located, is another place of interest for the visitors, the second day of Lent is a very special day because the pilgrimages and the biggest and colorful feast of Chajul are held.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey, one of Guatemala’s most beautiful places, is hidden off the main way just past the town of Lanquin. A quick five-minute walk from the park access will take you into this unique natural paradise.

The scene is quite spectacular. The rushing Cahabon river, amongst Guatemala’s longest, is churned to whitewater river and plunges into a deep rock chute which plummets deep into the earth.

The water in this ponds is deliciously cold and possesses a light blue color. The pools are of different depths as you go on the slope and the last one is quite large but not too profound.

Lanquin Cave

But the research isn’t very over. Those people curious about what exactly is below the earth have their work cut out for them in Lanquin Cave. Not for the claustrophobic, Lanquin Cave it not just located in an extraordinary place including a rushing river however it provides ties to the Maya too. The doorway towards the cave is located beneath a sizable rocky overhang. The steps before it offers you an excellent watch down to a big hole that is situated at the bottom of one of its rock walls.

The Lanquin river rushes out of this underground chute and starts its winding movement out of the earth.

The cave of Lanquin was initially discovered by the Maya. You can find a sacrificial altar found some 500 meters into the cavern.

It is still used these days by the native Maya elders. They burn incense and candle while offering prayers to harvests. The trek within the cave is not for the weak hearted. Although there are safety rails deeper into the cavern.

The rugged terrain gives you precipitous vistas into the darker and deeper chambers beneath. Guides are available and can fee depending on size of the group. The range of activities in Coban provide travelers and tourists plenty of ways to genuinely experience this wonderful region.

Caribbean Coast

Guatemala’s Caribbean coast is an exciting blend of exotic natural environment, mangroves and incredible sunsets, all topped off with the flavor of the Garifuna culture. You should understand you have tasted life on the waters of Lake Izabal, Río Dulce and the Caribbean Sea.

Rainforest & Maya Temple

Petén’s tropical environment possesses a rich variety of flora and fauna. unique species of tropical mammal like the elusive jaguar still wander the emerald depths of the jungle as they have for hundreds of years.

Most of the Maya Temples are in the area, such as Tikal, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, Uaxactun and El Mirador among others, so you will find it a great base for archaeology tours in the area. The traveler’s longing for visiting sites off the usual track may take camping trips including El zotz Tikal and el mirador jungle trek.

Part of the adventure of visiting Peten is seeing exotic animals in their natural habitat plus standing under the emerald canopy. The north area of Petén holds the Maya Biosphere Reserve. It was declared to be part of the UNESCO global biosphere reserve system in 1990.The biosphere reserve occupies almost 14% of the country’s territory.