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COVID-19 Entry Requirements:


  • Present physical vaccination certificate with complete schedule (After the 15 days before the start of the scheduled trip)
  • Submit a regional traveler affidavit form
  • There is no restriction on the combination of vaccines for tourists

Not vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated:

  • Present negative covid-19 test (nasopharyngeal swab, antigen, or PCR)
  • Submit a regional traveler affidavit form

Passengers exempt from presenting proof of vaccination and/or COVID-19 proof

  • Under 10 years old
  • Diplomats accredited in the country

Those mentioned above must be tested for antigen when entering Guatemala at the MSPAS laboratory inside the airport.


COVID-19 Requisitos de Ingreso:


  • Presentar certificado d vacunación físico con esquema complete (Finalizado el esquema 15 días antes de iniciar su viaje)
  • Presentar formulario de declaración jurada regional de viajero
  • No hay ninguna restricción de combinación de vacunas para turistas

No vacunados o con vacunación incompleta:

  • Presentar prueba de covid-19 negativa (hisopado nasofaríngeo, antígeno o PCR)
  • Presentar formulario de declaración jurada regional de viajero

Pasajeros exentos de presentar prueba de vacunación y/o prueba COVID-19

  • Menores de 10 años
  • Diplomáticos acreditados en el país

Los mencionados anteriormente deberán de realizarse la prueba de antígeno al ingresar a Guatemala en el laboratorio del MSPAS dentro del aeropuerto.

Guatemala is one of the most valuable within Central America traveling destinations. It is the nation famous because of its Ancient Temples, Maya People, active volcanoes, delightful lakes, and unique Mayan jungle.

Martsam Tour & Travel specializes in tailor-made Guatemala tours & vacation packages, family holidays, and day tours for groups, couples, and families looking for affordable prime holidays.

Our Guatemala Trips will take you through hidden history in the heart of the Maya civilization a multicolored destination with an extreme geographic diversity, a climatic and ethnographic variety that made of Guatemala a country with an extraordinary cultural wealth that stands out for the contrast that offers its landscape, history and living culture.

Guatemala, as a prime travel destination, offers a palette of attractive destinations that enclose live culture, ethnic markets, national parks, private reserves, lakes, rivers, active volcanoes, tropical forests, wildlife, colonial cities, and archaeological sites. Also, there are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Destinations (Tikal, Quirigua, and Antigua Guatemala).

map of Guatemala

Guatemala is situated in northern Central America, has favored through history, because of its unique geographical situation, a region of economic and cultural contacts that linkage of all of the area of Central America.

However, its overwhelming geographic diversity and its particular weather and ethnographic assortment have identified that Guatemala is a nation having a remarkable cultural wealth that is unique for the contrast that provides its scenery, its historical background, and its people.

Several protected areas and nature constitute genuine, vibrant museums, which they join up to among the incredible archeological and artistic culture conserved in important cultural centers.

Stand out La Antigua Guatemala, historic, stated city humanity’s cultural heritage by UNESCO, in 1979, an artistic colonial legacy’s treasure in whose ensemble is really a massive museum.

Tikal another cultural heritage destination with 576 square kilometers and also over 3.000 Mayan buildings, like temples, palaces, and causeways, where jungles inhabit a substantial quantity of types of flora and fauna.

Mayan Biosphere’s reserve with 1, 4 million hectares determined to preservation in which the Mayan cities like El Mirador remain like silent witnesses of the fascinating Mayan past and its equilibrium with nature.

The country, in general, delivers a fantastic possibility for all those visitors where we can share culture, nature, and adventure.


In Guatemala, the Weather conditions vary from season to season and from region to region. The dry season start in October to early May, and the raining season lasts from late May until the end of September.

Temperature is usually very mild and very little during the year. The average high temperature is 77f and the low 55f for the central valley. Keep in mind that higher altitude temperatures dip low after sunset.

Archaeology & Maya Ruins

Talking to the heart of The Mayan world leads us directly to the recognized Tikal in the north region of Guatemala. However, the entire country offers a variety of archaeological sites and ceremonial centers, witnesses to a civilization of complex social structures and policies.

 We can mention northern: Tikal, El Mirador, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, Dos Pilas, El Zotz, Nakum, Uaxactún, and El Peru, among the most known, but according to the academics of archaeology, consider than exists over 3.000 diverse places in all Peten.

Quirigua in the East, Kaminal Juyu at the city of Guatemala, Mixco viejo, Iximche, Zaculeo at the highlands, Takalik Abaj and la Democracia in the pacific .

Fascinating Mayan cities with temples, roads, stelae, and altars signify the high development of this civilization. His hieroglyphic writing system, architecture, sculpture, and the beauty of his work were made in paint, clay, stone, and jade.


Guatemala possesses 19 ecosystems, 300 microclimates, over 37 volcanoes, rivers, lakes, and beaches that joined to our ethnic diversity constitute a mystic destination of magic and adventure.

Approximately 1.4 million hectares belong to Mayan Biosphere’s reserve, biotopes, national Parks, private reserves, and communities compromised with the conservation, and they develop sustainable projects with attractions and unique sceneries.

The biological diversity of Guatemala allowed placing it between the 25 countries with more variety of natural resources in the world. Million species reside in their varied ecosystems, over 700 birds, mammals like the jaguar, the tapir, and a great variety of reptiles and insects.


The Guatemalan culture is a palette of colors, languages, and tastes, with 24 ethnic groups distributed in the country representing our living culture.

Festivities like All Saints Day (1. November) are a mixture of the pagan traditions and the Catholicism brought by the Spanish between the centuries 16 and 17.

Its multicolored markets with textile fill agreeably the pupils of own and strange, a manifestation of the most recognized indigenous art where each has his interpretation.

The holy week in Antigua, another mixture of the indigenous traditions and the Christianity manifested in the ephemeral art of the carpets that they bear the step of the processions followed by thousands of devoted and curious visitors, the smell to incense and the faith is breathed at the city’s each corner.

The giant kites of Santiago Sacatepéquez 1. Of November, all saints day that special petitions lead to God, whose festivity finishes enjoying a traditional delicious dish called fiambre.

From the mystic indigenous, high lands to the magical Carib Garífuna, a country of culture and fascinating nature, Guatemala presents a great variety of options in your journey to the fascinating world of our live culture.


The relief from Guatemala, its diverse climates, rivers, lakes, seas, and volcanoes present an attractive opportunity for adventurers. Active volcanoes offer a unique experience, rafting at torrential rivers.

The best sports fishing offer in the pacific coast or Rio Dulce areas, hikes in search of the lost city of El Mirador, Canopy Tours, Horseback Riding, Biking, millenarian caves, rappel and much more to discover in amazing Guatemala.

Bird watching:

Guatemala counts over 700 registered birds species; 35 of them are endemic regional species (located between the frontiers of Guatemala and Mexico).

Also, we counted on 40 approximated species that only can find in Central America, and Guatemala is the perfect destination to observe the bigger population.

The destinations where you observe these birds are located at places with solid cultural contents where the visitor and watch birds have the opportunity to interact with Mayan cultures, visit their marketplaces, and know their habits.

Good reasons for birds’ observation in Guatemala

Birds’ diversity

Endemism of birds

Migration through the Central American isthmus


It has two marine coasts, located in the region of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

It has freshwater bodies: 7 lakes, 365 lagoons, and 770 lagunetas.

It has different reliefs, from very flat places like the coasts to very high places, like the volcanoes.  Thirty-seven volcanoes exist in the country.

The various reliefs, water bodies, and characteristics like temperature, humidity, and precipitation give a variety of ecosystems that can be classified into seven biomes, 14 eco regions, and 14 zones of life.

The country also counts on a great cultural wealth

Protected areas

Culture, archaeology, and human contact

Scientific background

To have a safe and enjoyable stay in our country, we suggest you pay attention to the following  recommendations:

Plan your trip well in advance:

This will allow you to obtain more information about the different destinations and tourist attractions to plan the activities you want to do during your vacation. Travel with a certified Tour Company:

Getting advice and services from an accredited tour operator will allow you to obtain accurate information, protect your investment, and guarantee your benefits.

Things to be careful about

We recommend that you do not wear flashy and expensive jewelry while traveling in Guatemala. Furthermore, we suggest that you do not bring anything of sentimental value in case of loss or theft.

It is essential to take basic precautions to avoid the possibility of theft, such as keeping backpacks, cameras, money belts, etc., in front of you as you walk.

Make Copies:

Make copies of all traveling documents and keep them in a safe place.

Money Exchange:

Exchange your money only at banks. Avoid exchanging money at informal houses or street posts.


Use only the taxis that are adequately identified. We recommend the taxis identified as a Taxi Seguro – Safe Taxi; they are trained in tourism topics through the national program of tourism assistance. Since most of the taxis in Guatemala do not have a fare calculator, you can negotiate the fee.

Hotels & Other Services:

Stay at a hotel, obtaining services from a tour operator; we recommend that you do it in those adequately authorized by the Guatemalan Tourism Board.

Parks, Archaeological Sites, And Sacred Sites:

During your visit to a different park or site, you should remain within the designated areas. You should also follow your guide’s instructions, respect all sacred sites, and enjoy our antique and legendary Mayan Culture.


Always keep contact numbers for local information such as your embassy, consulate, and insurance company numbers.

Guatemala Facts:

Migratory Requirements

Valid Passport. Europeans, Canadians and US citizens do not require visas. Guatemalan government regularly is making efforts to modernize the immigration system, but it is a good idea to check the following link  http://www.minex.gob.gt/Visor_Pagina.aspx?PaginaID=21


The official language is Spanish, though there are 22 other linguistic communities of Maya origin, as well as, Xinca and Garifuna.

Currency & Credit Cards

The official currency is the Quetzal.
The main tourist destinations accept US dollars, credit cards, and Euros can be exchanged in some banks, to exchange money you will need to show your passport.


In Guatemala, the Weather conditions vary from season to season and from region to region. For example, the dry season start in October to early May, and the rainy season lasts from late May until the end of September.

Temperature is usually very mild and very little during the year. The average high temperature is 77f and the low 55f for the central valley. Keep in mind that higher altitude temperatures dip low after sunset.


Direct-dial service to the USA is available; internet, fax, cable television, and radio are easily accessible

Departure tax

Air passengers pay US$33.00, but it usually is included in your air ticket. Land and sea departures are different according to the area.


110-volt AC is found through most of the country, but a few locations have 220 volts.


Guatemala has a democratically elected government with elections every four years. However, the president cannot be elected for consecutive terms.


Modern sanitary facilities can be found in the capital city of Guatemala and some parts of the country.


The last official census was taken in 2018. Then, the census figures came in at approximately 17 million. Guatemala is a mix of indigenous, ladinos, and Garifuna.


Most goods and services are subject to a 12% value-added tax (IVA). In addition, hotels have an additional 10% Tax.

Time zone

Guatemala is within the central standard time zone and does not observe daylight-saving time.


A 10% tip is appropriate for restaurants. Some businesses add the tip to the bill, so check before tipping


Guatemala is 42,000 square miles and is the northern end of America’s central isthmus. It borders Mexico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the east, El Salvador and Honduras to the south.

The country is comprised of majestic volcanoes, temperate plateaus, tropical plains, near-desert river valleys, lowlands jungles, and swamps.

Travel in Guatemala

Martsam Travel

The first-hand local experience and deep knowledge of the destinations enable us to be the best choice to design a creative vacation package in Guatemala. Our local-travel experts will turn your wishes and expectations into a unique travel itinerary proposal.

Our Guatemala Tours will take you through the heart of the Mayan World, a multicolored destination with extreme geographic diversity. This climatic and ethnographic variety made Guatemala a destination with a unique cultural wealth that stands out for the contrast that offers its history, landscape, and living Culture.

Travel in Guatemala

Our vacation packages in Guatemala include cultural tours to live immersions in our living culture, 23 different ethnic groups with their languages, customs, and fantastic native markets.

Here you can visit destinations such as Chichicastenango, Sololá, or San Francisco el Alto.  Discover festivals like The Giant Kites Festival in San Juan Sacatepéquez or Sumpango, colorful Indian villages around lake Atitlan with their painters and textiles, the holy week in Antigua Guatemala with its fantastic sawdust carpets, their music, and food.

Numerous nature reserves and national parks constitute authentic, vivid museums like Tikal National Park, a cultural patrimony of humanity, with 576 square kilometers and over 3.000 Mayan structures, like temples, palaces, and causeways, in whose forests inhabit a great variety of flora and fauna.

Standing out is La Antigua Guatemala’s historical city, declared as humanity’s cultural patrimony by UNESCO, in 1979, an artistic colonial legacy’s jewel, whose ensemble is a monumental museum and one of the most visited Guatemala’s destinations.

The Maya Biosphere Reserve, with 1.4 million hectares destined for conservation where the Mayan cities lost in the jungle, such as El Mirador, remain as silent witnesses of the fascinating Mayan history, represents an authentic opportunity for all travelers interested in nature the adventure. Tours in Guatemala. The country as a whole represents a beautiful opportunity for all visitors to enjoy a fantastic Guatemala Holiday where we will be able to share our culture, nature, and adventure through our exclusive Guatemala vacations packages.

100% Cuztomizable


These are examples of Guatemala tours and travel itineraries that you can customize; we can fit these tours according to your budget, hotel type, and dates of travel or add another destination not included in these examples.

Feel free to contact our Guatemala travel specialist, and we will help you design tailor-made Guatemala Holidays and Guatemala vacation packages.

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This picturesque region located in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and South of Mexico offers a fantastic opportunity to discover Maya history, live culture, colonial cities, beaches, and the Selva Maya, a unique tropical forest that inhabits abundant neotropical flora and fauna.

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