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Take a look at the different ways of traveling and discover the main destinations in the Mayan world of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and southern Mexico.

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A Belize Trip Plan Has Something For Every Person

Consider Belize getaways, hiring a watercraft and cruise to separated Islands, kayaking, and camping around Glover’s coral reef Atoll.

Central America Travel Destinations

The region is a great vacation destination. Its combination of rich culture and magnificent nature will surely delight any traveler who visits it.

Family Holidays: Tips for Peace and Harmony

Household holidays are an opportunity for everybody in the family to get reacquainted and invest quality time together.

What to do around Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua preserves a centuries-old history in numerous churches, museums and ruins - the ancient legends & traditions are alive in all corners.

7 Interesting Caves to Explore in Belize

Explore many interesting caves in Belize from Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave to Rio Frio Cave and many more!

Experience Garifuna Culture in Livingston, Guatemala

When people think of indigenous culture in Guatemala, thoughts most often turn to the various Mayan groups that populate the country

The Maya Were Dependent On Nature

Ever wondered what it would be like to climb an active volcano? Guatemala is home to the most visited active volcano in Central America, the Pacaya Volcano.

Guatemala Vacation Destinations

Guatemala is renowned for its Mayan ruins, vibrant live culture, active volcanoes, and beautiful lakes.

Where to Vacation in Guatemala?

Guatemala is a multiethnic and multicultural nation, having an extraordinary natural wealth with fantastic weather all year long.
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