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Creative Projects Guatemala is a Martsam Travel Foundation. We focus on finding comprehensive solutions to various problems that affect Guatemala and the destinations where we develop our tourism work.

Our activities provide real solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems.


Collect biotic and physical data on the habitat of sea turtles in the Sipacate-Naranjo National Park.


Produce information that allows connecting local turtle populations with sites in other countries to complete their life cycles.


Promote the local conservation of the species through awareness activities to various types of the public.

In the month of April of this year (2022), the PROCREA foundation has started, under the direction of the Guatemalan biologist Alfredo Valle, research, rescue and conservation work on sea turtles in the Nace pool and its surroundings.

This destination is located within the Sipacate – Naranjo National Park, located on the Guatemalan Pacific coast, in the department of Escuintla.

The main objective is focused on the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), but does not exclude other species that are part of the marine fauna of the area.

The inclusion of the population is part of the objectives, since we believe that to achieve sustainability it is necessary to develop an environmental education program that allows the approach, education and appreciation of the species.

The ecotourism program is a fundamental part and service providers, such as boatmen, and neighbors who want to do it voluntarily will be included.

We also have private guided tours any day of the week and in collective groups on Saturdays, where visitors can participate in the capture of specimens, data collection and their release. These activities are intended to raise awareness and generate funds for the Sea Turtle Sanctuary rescue program.

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Visit ProCrea for more information on the effort to create awareness for the conservation of marine biodiversity in Guatemala.

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