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El Salvador Tour Packages

El Salvador is the smallest country of Central America with a great diversity of surroundings to please its visitors in many ways. It’s strategically located in the center of the region, surrounded by Honduras, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. It has one of the safest and most modern airports of Latin America. Providing service to more than eleven international airlines, which makes traveling very easy. Its size and excellent roads allow visitors to travel throughout the country in approximately 4 hours, enjoying all kinds of activities such as ecology, history, adventure or leisure, taking advantage of the time of their visit.

The weather is always warm with very few rains, allowing tourists to enjoy outdoor activities, especially during the dry season, from November to April. The country has a coastline of more than 300 kilometers with excellent access to beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Visitors will find paradisiacal sports in natural pools, pristine beaches with immaculate mangroves, and beaches ideal for surfing, considered among the best surfing spots worldwide. Aquatic sports fans will also be able to enjoy scuba diving, aquatic skiing, windsurfing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and fishing in the sea, as well as in volcanic lakes.

Archeology lovers will find in Joya de Ceren a unique settlement of the Mayan region, where an entire community has been preserved, giving the opportunity to study their everyday life. Joyas de Ceren, due to its cultural importance, was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage.

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Borders to the East with Nicaragua, to the North with Honduras and the West with Guatemala


The official language of the country is Spanish, English is spoken in almost all tourist destinations

When to go?

Warm weather all year round, however, the rainy season is from May to October

Currency & Credit Cards

The US dollar is the official currency, and credit cards are widely accepted

Migratory Requirements

Valid Passport, Visa and / Tourist Card US.$10.00



This picturesque region located in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and South of Mexico offers a fantastic opportunity to discover Maya history, live culture, colonial cities, beaches, and the Selva Maya, a unique tropical forest that inhabits abundant neotropical flora and fauna.

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