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Our tailor-made tour packages and private group tours allow us to make you live unique experiences, creative activities, happy moments, and even better are affordable, flexible and eco-friendly, by using the best quality local services such as accommodation, restaurants, guides, and transport, providing in that way a real returning to the local community.

As a local provider and destination based tour operator, we provide you the best relation quality-price, obtaining the best bang for your buck. There are no hidden charges to cover at your arrival.

We offer specialties such as archaeology, bird watching and nature tours, incentives, culinary experiences, cultural adventures, weddings, honeymoon trips, and other special holidays in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, and Mexico.

As a tailor-made tour operator, we make sure that you get what you need, a well-balanced vacation program develop based on your personal or group preferences until you feel comfortable with the activities, types of accommodation, transport, and budget.

Guatemala Tour Packages

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    Guatemala Tour Packages

    Our multi-day trips and travels are interactive journeys that offer you an outstanding level of independence, exploring must-see destinations. As well, we can easily match Off the Beaten Path, an excellent way to obtain the benefit of connecting with local people, culture, nature, and history, learning and discovering areas you can not go easy on your own.

    Discover Mexico & Central America:

    This outstanding region inhabits particular indigenous groups with genuine cultural and linguistic heritage; ethnic groups with their specific customs, traditions, and identity; descendants of Maya people who even now maintain traditions and customs, full of vibrant folklore which is expressed in their faith, music, dance, food, and celebrations.

    The Natural world of this region inhabits a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna, private reserves, national parks and archaeological sites surrounded by a lush forest that is the habitat of exotic neotropical bird species.

    This combination of unique culture, nature, fantastic destinations, and top-level tourist infrastructure makes the Mayan World of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and the South of Mexico an excellent destination to discover

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