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With 23 successful years in the travel industry, Martsam Travel is a 100 % Guatemalan Tailor Made Tour Operator and Destination Management Company (DMC), that it is distinguished for its professionalism, commitment, flexibility, authenticity, and quality of our day trips, Guatemala Tour Packages, Family Vacation Packages and Luxury Tours

Our Tours and vacation packages are a journey through world heritage sites, natural treasures, national parks, native markets, art galleries, museums, art centers, and beaches.

Fantastic places in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and South of Mexico, where you will have the opportunity to live your adventure trip, be in touch with our ethnic groups and their customs, have encounters with wildlife or be part of a colorful festival and Maya celebrations.

Why book with us your Guatemalan Packages?

The best value of our private tours is the in-depth knowledge and professionalism of our team: travel advisors, guides, and drivers. All of them have a long background in fieldwork and the best training. The national culture and nature are part of their life, so they are the best people to make you live the best experiences in Guatemala

  • Exclusive service at local rates
  • Custom-made travel schedules
  • Handpicked properties
  • Comfortable and safe vehicles
  • Expert bilingual guidance

Guatemala Tour Packages & Travel Ideas

Here you will find ideas about tours, travel activities, holidays and vacation packages that could be conveniently customized from your personal preferences to create your dream holidays in The Mayan World

The Maya Kingdom
Archaeological Tours & Expeditions

The Maya Kingdom is a Martsam Travel’s Archaeological program in which the vestiges of Maya Civilization and Maya people are the conductive threads within a colorful trip through the Mayan World of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, and South of Mexico.

Fascinating archaeological and cultural journeys to discover ancient Maya sites, live culture, colonial towns, ethnic markets, textiles, festivals, beliefs and the Mayan Jungle.

A culture with exclusively Middle American elements like the cultivation of the cocoa and maguey, the complex nixtamal – tortilla, the sword with sheets of obsidian and the protective cotton shirt.

The stepped pyramids, the hieroglyphics, codexes, and maps, the calendar of 18 20-day months, the ritual 13-day week, the ritual 260-day calendar, the cycle of 52 years, the existence of immovable feasts and motives, the fortunate and unlucky days, the calendar names given to the persons, the military orders tigers, and eagles, the war to make prisoners dedicated to the sacrifice, the specific markets and the social rank of the merchants.

Archaeology Expedition
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Archaeology tours

Tailormade Tour Packages

Enjoy the flexibility, providing by our tailor made tours Guatemala

Luxury Travel

Discover Guatemala through genuine and luxury experiences.

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Affordable small gruoup adventures

Helicopter Tours

Sightseeing Helicopter Adventures and Helicopter Tours.

Birding Expeditions
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