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Explore our sample Jungle Tours Guatemala Packages to discover the possibilities in these incredible destinations. Every itinerary is adaptable and quickly tailored to align with your travel desires, hotel accommodations, and unique preferences.

Exploring Guatemala’s Rainforests: Unique Jungle Adventures

Delve into the heart of Guatemala with our specialized Jungle Tours in Guatemala, offering an array of day excursions, extensive jungle explorations, and culturally rich adventures suited for individual adventurers and groups.

Immerse Yourself in Guatemala’s Mayan Jungle

Embark on a journey through the dense Mayan Biosphere, uncovering ancient secrets and encountering diverse wildlife. Guatemala’s rich ecosystems, including its verdant jungles, towering volcanoes, and mysterious caves, alongside its cultural diversity, make it a mystical and adventurous destination.

Commitment to Sustainable Exploration

We thoughtfully craft our tours, adhering to stringent economic, social, and environmental guidelines. We strive to support local communities and ecological initiatives, playing a pivotal role in preserving Guatemala’s natural and cultural heritage.

Tailored Jungle Expeditions in Guatemala

We offer bespoke adventure itineraries, ranging from single-day trips to multi-day excursions, designed to meet the varied interests of our travelers. Whether you’re a naturalist, birder, or someone seeking an intimate experience with nature, our tours cater to every level of adventure spirit.

Flexible and Diverse Tour Options

Please choose from our range of multi-day expeditions or use them as a template to customize your Guatemalan jungle adventure. Our Jungle Tours Guatemala adapts to your time constraints and budget, ensuring a personalized experience.

Accommodation Choices for Every Traveler

Our multi-day tours offer a range of accommodation options, from hammocks and tents for an authentic jungle experience to comfortable 3-star and luxurious hotel stays during your adventure.

Learn More and Plan Your Jungle Adventure

Don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information on our jungle tours Guatemala packages, including pricing. We’re here to help you design the ultimate Guatemalan jungle exploration.

Jungle Tour

El Zotz Tikal Jungle Trek

With steep cliffs and an internal cave system, the mountains possess two of the most impressive characteristic of El Zotz: bats and scenic views.
Jungle Tour

Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Tour

The park is a refuge that allows the visitor to enjoy a balanced combination of pre-Hispanic cultural patrimony and biodiversity.
Culture Tour

Las Guacamayas Nature Tour

The park is a refuge that allows the visitor to enjoy a balanced combination of pre-Hispanic cultural patrimony and biodiversity.
Culture Tour

El Mirador Jungle Trek

El Mirador is a large pre-Columbian Mayan settlement, located in the north of the modern department of Peten.

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5 star reviews

Visiting the Maya ruins in Peten Guatemala is a fabulous travel experience. Lily and the team at Martsam Travel in Guatemala are experts at making your travel plans come true. ln addition to the immense cultural value of the sites, you have chances to see unusual tropical animals. Totally great experience!


5 star reviews
A travel agency that makes you feel assisted every step of the trip – what a nice experience. Lily was checking every day to make sure things were going as well as possible, and went out of the way to accommodate last minute changes to my trip.


5 star reviews

I am beyond thankful that we found Martsam as they made our 10 day trip so perfect. We learned so much about Guatemalan and Mayan history. The hotels they booked for us were beautiful, luxurious, and affordable. I HIGHLY recommend using Martsum to plan a trip to Guatemala!!!


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