Enjoy the flexibility, providing by our customized trips.

Plan Your Custom Experience

This alternative of the tour is for the people that wish to make an itinerary in compliance with their specific wishes like the type of hotel, transportation, sites to visit, schedules and total flexibility.

Custom Tour Itineraries Designed Around You

Do you want to explore the countries of Central America on your terms? At Martsam Travel, we provide a unique opportunity to build a tour itinerary around you.

Of course, this starts with drawing up a list of attractions and day trips in line with your interests.

If you’re interested in the ancient Maya civilization, we can show you fascinating sites throughout your preferred regions.

Maybe thrilling adventure tours in Central America are more your speed? Or do you want to focus on family-friendly adventures in Guatemala and Belize?

In every sense, the choice is yours!

And this extends to accommodation and transportation. If you want optimal comfort and luxury, we can arrange for you to stay at the very best hotels. Do you want to travel between sites in a private helicopter? Leave it with us.

Private, personal, flexible, and offering unparalleled freedom, our tailor-made tours are the pinnacle of travel. There’s no better way to experience Central America with friends or family.

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to get in touch for more information.

Tailor-made Tours in Central America Crafted by Experts

Because our custom trips to Guatemala start as a blank slate, you might not know where to begin planning yours. And this is fine. You don’t need to know everything about Central America — that’s our job!

Our local travel planners can create a bespoke itinerary with minimal input. We design everything around your preferences to ensure we turn your dream vacation into a reality.

We can take it from there if you already know the type of holiday you want to go on. But if you’re starting from square one, consider browsing our range of pre-planned tours in Central America for inspiration.

No matter your starting point, Martsam Travel goes above and beyond to deliver unique travel experiences that create lifelong memories.

Benefits of Custom Tours in Central America

  • Start your trip on a date that is most convenient for you
  • Choose the length of your trip itinerary and budget
  • Stay in luxury hotels and only visit sites that interest you
  • Enjoy insights from your personal guide throughout your trip
  • Travel between locations in comfortable transport operating only for you
  • Journey through Central America at your own pace and with ultimate flexibility

We cordially invite you to fill out the following form and let us know more about your interests, wishes, and expectations. This will help us to plan your perfect trip.

We will then present a free, no-obligation quote for your tailor-made itinerary.

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