4×4 Acatenango Volcano Tour | Private Overnight Adventure

Overnight Tour
Overnight Tour

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    • Duration:2 Day
    • Destination:Guatemala

    4×4 Acatenango Volcano Tour Guatemala 

    Private Overnight Adventure

    Begin your unforgettable adventure with our Private 4×4 Acatenango Volcano Tour. Starting at 2 p.m., this exclusive journey features a 45-minute transfer from Antigua to a private farm, providing unique access to the Acatenango Volcano. With our special permit, we drive through private paths for about an hour, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Acatenango Volcano Hike: Witness Majestic Eruptions

    Once at the farm, travelers will enjoy a scenic 45-minute hike along a 2.5-meter-wide path leading to a prime vantage point to witness the thrilling eruptions of the Fuego Volcano. The path offers spectacular views, making it an integral part of the Acatenango Volcano hike.

    Overnight Volcano Adventure: Camp at 3,600 Meters

    As darkness descends, our camp at 3,600 meters elevation offers a unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring nocturnal eruptions. Adventure enthusiasts agree that the volcano’s true essence is best captured at night, with mesmerizing bursts of radiant magma illuminating the sky. This overnight volcano adventure ensures you experience both the daytime grandeur and the nocturnal spectacle of Acatenango.

    Sunrise from Acatenango Peak: A Spectacular Start to Your Day

    Rise early at 4:00 a.m. to witness a magical sunrise from the peak of Acatenango. After breakfast at the base camp, begin your descent, leaving with unforgettable memories of this extraordinary 4×4 volcano tour in Guatemala.

    Acatenango Volcano: A Guatemalan Landmark

    Situated strategically between Chimaltenango and Sacatepéquez, Acatenango Volcano stands as the third-highest volcanic structure in Guatemala, reaching an impressive 3,976 meters above sea level. Its most recent notable eruption was in December 1972. Still, its significance lies in the stunning views of the surrounding volcanic range and the adjacent Fuego Volcano.

    Key Tour Highlights:

    • Initial height: 2,500 meters

    • Base camp elevation: 3,500 meters

    • Round trip distance from camp to summit: 3.25 km

    • Summit elevation: 3,976 meters

    • Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging


    Join us for an unparalleled adventure on our Private 4×4 Acatenango Volcano Tour, where nature’s raw beauty meets thrilling exploration. This volcano tour in Guatemala promises a unique blend of excitement, breathtaking views, and unforgettable experiences.


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