Belize Vacation Tour

Cultural Tour
Cultural Tour

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    • Duration:6 Days, 5 Nights
    • Difficulty:Moderate
    • Group Size:Minimum 2
    • Comfort Level:Standard to Luxury

    Discovering Ancient Wonders with Belize Vacation Tour

    Embark on a Belize Vacation Tour, where archaeological exploration awaits, guiding you through the prominent Maya sites in Belize and the unparalleled Tikal in Guatemala.

    Let our expert tour guides illuminate the intricate architecture, artistry, traditions, and spiritual beliefs of the once-thriving Maya Civilization, nestled within the lush Mesoamerican tropical forest.

    Beyond the cultural depth of the destination, the vibrant tropical rainforest hosts a unique array of wildlife, enhancing your journey into the core of the Mayan world.

    This archaeological journey, crafted for small groups, families, and independent travelers, intertwines history, culture, nature, and adventure and can be effortlessly customized to meet your desires and specific inquiries.

    Pick up / Drop off locations

    Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport


    • Minibus
    • SUV
    • ATV

    Physical demand

    Trip may include activities like walks and boat rides


    Please note

    Prices based in double occupancy, and not valid for peak season like Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Thanksgiving. Please inquire for more information.

    What's Included

    • Caving
    • Walks
    • Archaeology
    • Nature
    • History


    • Actun Tunichil Muknal
    • Caracol
    • Tikal National Park
    • Mountain Pine Ridge
    • Lamanai

    Itinerary of the trip

    This itinerary idea can be customized to suit your and your family’s interests. Contact us; we are pleased to hear your comments, wishes, and expectations, and we are ready to design the trip to suit you

    Day 1Welcome to Belize City - Start of Your Belize Vacation Tour

    Embark on your Belize Vacation Tour as you land in Belize City. A representative of Martsam Travel will greet you at the airport to escort you to your lodge in the San Ignacio District.

    Belize, a hidden historical gem along the Caribbean coastline, boasts English colonial elegance and charming Victorian structures. Belize City, divided into two by the Haulover Creek, extends about one-third along the coastline, connected by the swing bridge.

    Day 2Exploring Xunantunich and Cahal Pech - A Vacation Tour Highlight

    After breakfast, your Belize Vacation Tour continues with a journey to the Xunantunich archaeological site.

    Located near Belize’s western border, Xunantunich offers a glimpse into the ancient Mayan world. After exploring Xunantunich, we proceed to Cahal Pech, nestled amidst lush forests overlooking Santa Elena and San Ignacio.

    Here, your Belize Vacation Tour immerses you in the rich Mayan history, exploring temples and palaces.


    Day 3Caracol & Mountain Pine Ridge - Belize Tour Adventure

    Your Belize Vacation Tour takes you to the Mountain Pine Ridge Area, a picturesque landscape of rolling pine forest and smooth granite hillsides.

    After a refreshing stop at the Rio On pools, we head to Caracol, Belize’s most significant archaeological site, enveloped by a high canopy rainforest.

    Explore the massive Caana pyramid and delve into Belize’s rich Mayan history.

    Day 4Actun Tunichil Muknal - A Belize Vacation Tour into the Mayan Past

    The Belize Vacation Tour transports you to Actun Tunichil Muknal, a significant cavern in the Maya Lowlands.

    Engage in three hours of hiking and caving, exploring the cave system and its chambers, and witnessing where sacrificial rituals once took place.

    This living museum allows you to enter the Mayan past, observing human sacrifices and artifacts in their original context.

    Day 5Tikal National Park - A Pinnacle of Your Vacation

    An early transfer takes you to Tikal National Park, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site, where your Belize Vacation Tour guides you through the largest city in the Mayan world, blending archaeology and nature.

    Explore the Mayan forest ancient temples and learn about one of the world’s most significant civilizations, all within your journey to Tikal, The City of the Voices.

    Post-expedition, we return to your lodge in the San Ignacio District.

    Day 6Lamanai Archaeological Tour & Journey Home

    On the final day of your Belize Vacation Tour, you will explore Lamanai, one of Belize’s largest ceremonial centers.

    Lamanai, meaning “submerged crocodile” in Mayan, is situated along the New River Lagoon and showcases monumental architecture from the Classic and PreClassic Periods.

    After exploring Lamanai, you will be transferred to Belize International Airport, concluding your enriching Belize Vacation Tour and ensuring you catch your flight home.


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