Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Tour

Jungle Tour
Jungle Tour

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    • Duration:3 Days
    • Difficulty:Moderate
    • Group Size:Minimum 2
    • Comfort Level Standard to Luxury

    Embark on a Timeless Adventure with Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Tour

    A Harmonious Blend of Cultural Heritage and Biodiversity

    The Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Tour unveils a sanctuary where visitors can immerse themselves in a balanced amalgamation of pre-Hispanic cultural heritage and rich biodiversity. Nestled amidst striking lagoons and wetlands, which serve as one of the principal migratory bird routes, the park has garnered recognition as a wetland of global significance. You can behold the Yaxha and Sacnab lagoons from atop various archaeological monuments, lending the area a distinctive scenic splendor.

    Exploring Principal Ancient Cities

    Within the area, four main cities emerge as historical landmarks:

    These cities were pivotal in shaping the social and political organization of the Central Lowlands for over 1,500 years. Visitors can explore the first three cities, with Yaxha as the most accessible starting point for your journey through the park.

    Every step in this meticulously crafted tour transports you through time and nature, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that weave through this remarkable region’s historical, cultural, and natural realms.

    Pick up / Drop off locations

    Flores island



    4 x 4

    Physical demand

    Trip may include activities like walks and hikes

    Please note

    Prices based in double occupancy, and not valid for peak season like Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Thanksgiving. Please inquire for more information.

    What's Included

    • Scenic views
    • Birdwatching
    • Hikes
    • Nature


    • Yaxha
    • Nakum
    • Tikal

    Itinerary of the trip

    Day 1Yaxha – Nakum

    Departure time: 8:00 a. m. We pick you up at your hotel.


    Arrival at Yaxha National Park: 9:00 a.m. (80 km away from Flores)

    Site exploration: We will go inside the site and visit the archaeological area for a couple of hours.

    Jungle walk to Nakum: We will be toured by a local guide expert in Flora and Fauna. The walk is 17 km far i.e. 4 hours to Nakum site.

    Country style lunch: We will have lunch at Nakum.

    Prepare Camp: After lunch, we will set up our hammocks and camp so we can rest for a little while.

    Surrounding exploration: Before sunset, we will visit the archeological site of Nakum.

    Dinner: Will be served at Nakum campsite.

    Good night.

    Day 2Nakum – El Carmen

    Jungle morning wake up call.

    Breakfast: will be served at Nakum site.

    Jungle walk to El Paso del Carmen.

    We will continue our journey to Tikal. After 17 km of walking, we come to El Paso del Carmen site where we will set up camp for the night.

    Lunch will be done on the way.

    Dinner: Will be served at El Paso del Carmen campsite.

    Good night.

    Day 3Tikal – Transfer out

    Jungle morning wake up call.

    Breakfast: will be served at El Paso del Carmen campsite.

    Jungle walk to Tikal National Park: After breakfast, we will start our walk towards Tikal, which is 17 km away or three hours walk in the jungle, the horses will leave us there so we will carry our backpacks from there onward.

    Lunch: will be held at one of Tikal restaurants.

    Site exploration: After lunch, we will admire the archeological site in Tikal until sunset.

    Return to your hotel: After sunset, we will board our minibus and head back to your hotel in Flores or Santa Elena.


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