Facts about Belize

Facts about Belize: Belize vacations are among the most popular unspoiled destinations, and travelers across the globe highly favor them. This tiny country has many protected areas and private reserves home to rare flora and fauna.

However, the most popular islands for Belize vacations are San Pedro Ambergris and Caye Caulker. Many people vacation in Belize yearly and visit here because of the coral barrier reef, white sand beaches, and plentiful Mayan ruins that make this country so desirable.

Reef and Beach Activities

Travelers looking for Caribbean vacations usually go to Belize and consistently evaluate marine attractions as the primary reason behind traveling.

Belize is privileged with abundant maritime environments, which resulted in UNESCO awarding the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Status. Marine visitors’ attractions are as diverse as the natural formations that define this 185-mile shoreline wonder. Travel the barrier reef, atolls, over 400 Belize islands, white sand shores, fringing and patch coral reefs, over 100 species of coral formations, a vast selection of fish species, and abundant marine life.

Miles of the Belize Barrier Reef are selected to ensure the survival of these fragile environmental marine reserves and to ensure the segments.

Away from the coast of Belize are numerous palm-studded coral sand island destinations and three of the Caribbean’s four atoll formations. Suitable for an open-air picnic between dives or perhaps a peel into the sanctuaries of exotic tropical birds, several islands provide an option from budget to luxury places.

Select the privacy of a private island or the action of an island town, involve yourself in the underwater world just offshore, or laze on the beachfront in the warmness of the tropical sun.

Eight marine protected zones within Belizean waters attest to the region’s extraordinary biodiversity and dedication to managing and protecting marine environments.

Rainforest & Inland Experiences

One thing that makes Belize such an exceptional getaway is its natural beauty. Belize features one of the most accessible wilds in the Western Hemisphere and wildlife that attracts tourists worldwide.

The slopes of the Maya Mountains are framed by the remarkable wonder of lush forest, notoriously tangled and wet and rich with more types of plants and animals than any other habitat on the planet.

Seventy-five percent of Belize is covered with exotic forests, of which 40% is protected. Splendid falls arising from calm, crystal-clear rivers are found in this unique habitat. Belize also houses the only jaguar wildlife reserve on the globe, with five varieties of wild felines and a vast selection of wild birds and exotic plants.

Maya Temples & Archaeology

Belize was at the core of one of the ancient world’s greatest civilizations. It is considered the Maya culture that dominated Central America from around 250 to 900 AD. Endorsing this theory is that Belize has many Maya sites in the region, with over 1,400 registered.

The physical proof of this great society contains ceremonial temples, stately structures, and high-quality fine art made of jade, stone, and clay.

Many sites are easily accessible by private or public transport, and local guides are available to explain the architectural details and cultural meaning. Maya antiquities are displayed at the Museum of Belize in Belize City and various visitor centers nationwide.

Caves & the Underworld

Within all these impressive limestone formations lie remains of a fantastic Maya culture, tropical wildlife, and streams and rivers of crystal clear waters.

Belize’s geological composition is limestone, which makes it appropriate for forming underground caverns and rivers. Almost 50% of the southern part of the country has a fantastic cave system.

Although many caves have been known for years, new ones are still being discovered. The latest and most enjoyable cave discoveries inside Belize are still reserved for the expert speleologist.

Cave divers financed by the National Geographic Society have discovered Central America’s most extended cavern system on the Chiquibul River inside the Maya Mountains. There’s also proof that the Maya knew of these underground worlds and used them for sacred ceremonies.

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