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"Jaguar gracefully strolling through the lush tropical rainforest, showcasing the diverse wildlife in Central America Adventures."
Central America Wildlife: A Guide to Unforgettable Adventure Tours and Wildlife Encounters Ready for a Central America Wildlife Tour? Dive into Middle America’s heart with lush rainforests and exotic wildlife. Journey Through Jungles and Ruins: Central America, overflowing with captivating landscapes and creatures, is a haven for those who seek wonder. As you traverse from...
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"Vibrant Maya weaver showcasing traditional artistry - Embark on a cultural immersion in Guatemala, the ultimate destination to experience the rich heritage of Maya textiles."
Immerse in Culture: Explore Guatemala’s Vibrant Textile Destinations Guatemala’s textiles tell stories of its diverse cultural heritage. Age-old weaving techniques passed down by indigenous communities create a colorful tapestry of patterns and narratives. This post guides you through Guatemala’s top spots to dive into the mesmerizing textile world. Chichicastenango: The famed Chichicastenango market in the...
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Sustainable Travel Guatemala
Guatemala is a beautiful country with a rich culture and stunning natural landscapes. However, tourism can harm the environment and local communities. If planning a trip to Guatemala, consider these sustainable travel tips to minimize your impact and support eco-friendly initiatives. Choose eco-friendly accommodations. One of the easiest ways to plan a sustainable travel itinerary...
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As easily the largest country in the Central American region, Mexico is rich in culture, history, and folklore. With so much to see and do here, it’s no surprise that many people come back for repeat trips! At Martsam Travel, our tours in Mexico explore the many treasures to be found in the south of...
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