Central America Travel Destinations

The region is a great vacation destination. Its combination of rich culture and magnificent nature will surely delight any traveler who visits it.

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Guatemala begins on the list of tourist attractions. The Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, certainly help in the growing tourism to this country. Regarded as one of the largest Mayan ceremonial centers globally, the Mayan ruins at Tikal are the site of many archaeological excavations and discoveries that would fascinate any traveler to Central America. It is believed to have housed a population of 50,000 until the Mayans abandoned it for reasons no one knew about sometime in the 10th century. The sites feature temple-pyramids that are elaborately crafted and designed. Other impressive Mayan ceremonial sites can be found at Uaxactún, Quiriguá, and El Mirador. You can buy colorful Mayan fabrics as souvenirs for your trips through the Mayan world.

Costa Rica is another vacation spot that no one should dare to miss. Rich in culture, Costa Ricans frequently celebrate festivals in honor of their patron saints. This is an event that travelers should include on their must-see list. Travelers will have many hikes to do, as one-third of the country’s land area is covered by forests. One of those that are open to tourists is the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The velvet worm is another fascinating point in Costa Rica and a scientific marvel that will interest travelers in Central America. It is found in the country’s vast rainforests and has the characteristics of both jointed-legged animals and segmented worms.

The Panama Canal is another of Central America’s travel highlights. Linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and connecting the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific, the canal is about 82 kilometers long. A French project but later abandoned, the United States government continued the project when it obtained construction rights in 1903. It was opened to traffic in 1914, and only in 1999 did Panama receive sovereignty over the canal. In addition to Panama City, the largest cities in Panama are Colón, David, Santiago, Penonomé, and Chitré.

El Salvador also has a lot to offer the traveler. San Salvador, its capital, is marked with a rich culture and architectural style. Largely destroyed by earthquakes, scenic parks, modern buildings, and squares have been erected in their place. El Salvador is also home to the Santa Ana volcano, which is the country’s highest point.

Honduras, another tourist country, has excellent beaches and resorts. Like Guatemala, it also has its Mayan ruins located in the northwestern part. Copán, another ceremonial center of this ancient civilization, is one of the world’s largest archaeological sites. The people in Honduras are also quite artistic, and one of the famous places that travelers must visit is the Comayagua School of Fine Arts.

It is not the last on the list, Nicaragua, whose popular travel spot would be the Mosquito Coast. These inland areas are covered with tropical forests. The location receives the highest rainfall of all in the region.

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