We’re Extending Our El Mirador Helicopter Tours through the End of 2018

We just announced today that we’re extending our popular El Mirador Helicopter Tours through the end of 2018. The tours, which provide stunning aerial views of the famous “lost city” of El Mirador, have been the subject of intense interest from visitors to Guatemala.

Our guests find the helicopter tour to be a truly exceptional experience. You fly over the fantastic and millenarian Mayan rainforest, looking for the lost city of El Mirador, a natural wonder proposed as a UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site. There’s a great wide variety of wildlife to see as well as a glimpse of one of the most significant cities of the Mayan world.

The best-selling helicopter tours offer you views of Lake Peten Itza, the island of Flores, and the El Mirador archaeological site. You get to land within the lost city of El Mirador and receive a guided tour of the famous Maya site. The tour includes the El Tigre complex, Los Monos Group, and The Jaguar’s Claw Temple, which displays significant decorated masks of over three meters of height by two in width.

Discovered in 1926, the site was first photographed aerially in 1930. However, it’s a very remote site that would take days to reach by car and foot. It’s deep in the jungle. It wasn’t until the 1970s that a full archeological dig was performed there. The archaeologists were surprised to find that much of the construction at El Mirador was not contemporary with other Maya classic cities in the area such as Tikal and Uaxactun. Instead, they determined that El Mirador dated back to centuries earlier. El Mirador flowered from the 6th century BC, reaching a peak in the 3rd century BC. It appears to have been abandoned by the end of the 9th century CE.

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