Festival Tours Guatemala

Festival Tours Guatemala

Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan World, a privileged region in America where the Mayas settled and developed as one of the world’s major cultures.

They created zero as a representation of nothing, a calendar that still leaves scientists amazed, and developed impressive architecture that still survives the passage of time in the middle of the rain-forest of Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras.

The descendants of this fascinating culture have inherited customs and traditions combined with the European influence that is still present today at folk festivals.

These are traditional dances or religious manifestations that have evolved on a naturally and spontaneously way to express emotions, beliefs, religion, ceremonies, rituals, births, wars of occupations and trades, domestic life and superstitions.

These traditions present a unique opportunity to discover and learn of the Mayan world through one of our festival tours in Guatemala.

Festival Tours Guatemala

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