Guatemala Vacation Destinations

Guatemala is among the most valuable travel destination within Central America. The country is renowned for its Mayan ruins, vibrant live culture, active volcanoes, and beautiful lakes.

Some of the most important regions and top tourist attractions to go on vacation in Guatemala are described below.

Antigua Guatemala

Founded in 1543, Antigua was when the 3rd essential Spanish settlement in the Americas, ruling over southern Mexico and all Central America. More than 30 monastic orders called Antigua house developed stunning monasteries, convents, and cathedrals in the town.

Called a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, Antigua brings visitors to its cobblestone streets by hundreds. Some pertain to roam and go town through its ruins, while others benefit from the many Spanish schools.

The hotels in Antigua are different and accommodate every budget plan. Charming bed and breakfasts make you seem like an antigueño as you take pleasure in a typical breakfast on a flower surrounded outdoor patio! Still, other hotels provide European-style health club centers total with soothing and aromatherapy Swedish massages.

There are plenty of activities for the visitor to experience while remaining in Antigua. The town itself provides a wealth of ruins and churches where you can while away the hours.

The Highlands and Lake Atitlan

The multitude of colors, the significant landscape, and the deeply established Mayan culture produce a fascinating feeling for visitors. Wonderfully towering evergreen and violet volcanoes and blue-green, blue waters shimmer remarkably with the colored threads of woven traje (gown) and echo throughout the many various towns surrounding the lake, which are as different in outfit, culture, and custom as the regional stay.

The Mayans inhabited this place sometime after 2000 BC. However, over countless years, the Maya’s complex customs and the extraordinary natural charm of the landscape have endured and still thrive today.


The ‘holy city’ of Chichicastenango was settled by native nobility, leaving the Spanish in Utatlán (Quiché capital 12 miles away) in the late 1520s. Today, incense clouds spew forth as impassioned worshippers and prominent spiritual seniors from all over Guatemala collect to carry out a mix of Catholic and Maya events inside and on the front actions (which cover the initial Maya temple actions).

Market days (Thursdays and Sundays) deal without a doubt the most remarkable sights to visitors. A collage of artisans and their handicrafts crowd the church plaza while elaborately dressed males of the

Cofradia (spiritual leaders) carry out routines in front of the entrance. Vibrant groups of females line the actions almost buried under vibrantly striped weavings and lots of flowers.

chichi people


The second-largest city in Guatemala and an exceptionally vibrant destination, Quetzaltenango lies about three hours even more down the Pan American Highway from Antigua Guatemala.

In the area, visitors will discover a myriad of lodgings and services. On the other hand, those who want to check out the mountains will find many eco-tourism companies providing trekking and camping treks through the hills, totaling all the required equipment and expert, knowledgeable guides. The natural warm springs of Fuentes Georginas is discovered close by and are a need to for all visitors.

The roadway causing the warm springs alone is nearly adequate to make it worth the journey. All at once, traveling through great plots of farming and serene scenes of farmers gathering and working the soil fruit and vegetables, the fog curls around the winding curves of the roadway.

Large drop-offs along the passage produce breathtaking vistas of the valley listed below to lastly end at the three lovely swimming pools of the spring and dining establishment where visitors can remain and lease a cottage for the night. In the location are two glass-blowing factories. Utilizing recycled glass, residents consuming glasses, vases, and several other items are offered for sale in the present stores.

Los Cuchumatanes and Todos Santos

Here in the Cuchumatanes, you will discover the town of Todos Santos. This is one of the handfuls of locations where guys have maintained their conventional gown, and the individuals of Todos Santos are, possibly, the most-photographed individuals in Guatemala.

Todos Santos is an off-the-beaten-path region worth visiting if you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey, among Guatemala’s many stunning areas, is tucked off the main road only past the town of Lanquin. A brief five-minute walk from the park entryway will take you into this natural paradise.

The view is rather incredible. The hurrying Cahabon river, among Guatemala’s longest, is churned to white water and plunges into a deep rock chute that falls deep into the earth. Pay attention to where you step because the rocks can be slippery.

The water in this pool is cold and has a light blue color. The swimming pools are of differing depths as you move down the slope, and the last one is rather big, however not unfathomable. You will be hard-pressed to choose up and leave as soon as you discover yourself in this lovely setting.

Lanquin Cave.

The expedition is not over. Those thinking about what’s under the ground have a great deal of work ahead of them at Lanquin Cave. Not for the claustrophobic, Lanquin Cave is not just situated in a magnificent place with a hurrying river. However, it likewise has ties to the Mayans.

The entryway to the cavern lies beneath a big rocky overhang. The actions leading up to it provide you with a great view of a big hole at the bottom of its stone walls.

The Lanquin river rushes out of this underground chute and starts its winding drain of the earth. The Maya initially found the cavern of Lanquin. There is a sacrificial altar discovered some 500 meters into the cavern.

It continues to be utilized today by the regional Maya seniors. The trek inside the cavern is not for the weak-hearted.

The craggy surface provides you sheer views into the darker and much more resonant chambers listed below. Guides are offered and will charge depending upon the size of the group. The range of activities in Coban provides visitors a lot of methods to experience this lovely area.

Caribbean Coast

Guatemala’s Caribbean coast is an exciting mix of tropical forests, mangroves, and amazing sunsets, all complemented by Garifuna’s culture’s spice. You will understand you have tasted life on the waters of Lake Izabal, Río Dulce, and the Caribbean Sea!

Rainforest and Maya Temple

Petén’s tropical environment has more than 800 types of trees, 57 types of reptiles, and 500 types of birds. Tapirs, peccaries, and jaguars still wander the forest’s emerald depths as they have for centuries.

Much of the Maya ruins in the location, consisting of Tikal, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, Uaxactun, and El Mirador, will discover it an excellent base for taking a trip to the area. Tourists excited to visit off-the-beaten-path sites can take camping trips like El zotz Tikal and the jungle trek viewpoint.

Part of the adventure of checking out Petén is seeing unique animals in their natural environment and standing under the emerald canopy. The northern location of Petén holds the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

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