Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala is well known for its Catholic festivity, which celebrates the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the setting for a colorful expression or faith through its fascinating processions. It is the faithful congregation’s point, dressed it in the traditional robes of Cucurucho, and spectators fascinated by carpets of sawdust of different shades.

Holy Week’s traditional carpets use colored sawdust, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other materials, a real spectacle. There are two types of carpets, those made by its people and those made by brotherhoods in churches to celebrate holy vigils.

During the processions, you will see large floats that carry Christ figures, led by purple Cucuruchos, or the Virgin Mary, followed by a woman dressed in black. Before eastern, you can enjoy Holy Week, where you can attend vigils celebrated in the churches of la Merced, San Francisco, and the School of Christ. This is a tradition that goes back to colonial times and is maintained to this day through these religious practices, which allows its citizens and visitors to live their culture and history.

Sawdust Carpets:

One of the peculiarities of this festivity is the natural carpets that color the city with tinted sawdust, Flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Neighbors and brothers participate in the artisan elaboration of these temporary works of art to passage the highly mystical processions. It is believed that this tradition is inspired by the holy scriptures describing the inhabitants of Jerusalem placing olive branches and palms at the feet of Jesus of Nazareth when he entered the city.

Centuries later, this gesture would be interpreted in the Christian tradition as Palm Sunday with palms or flower beds, colored sand vegetable ornaments. Holy Week is a colorful week full of folk traditions that generate a spiritual and religious atmosphere.

There are many other attractions around Antigua, Guatemala; you can visit San Juan del Obispo, San Cristobal El Alto, and San Felipe Jesus, to see arts, crafts, and visit the ruins of some of the old churches in the city.

Visit nearby towns of Jocotenango to discover coffee plantations, Ciudad Vieja to walk around the historic center and San Antonio Aguas Calientes to buy its typical textiles.

Day by day activity that you should not be missed:

Palm Sunday: Procession of Palms.

astern Monday: Procession of the Consecrated Image of Jesus of Nazareth in The Church of La Merced.

Holy Tuesday: Jesus of Nazareth of Atonement in the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande and Procession of Jesus of Nazareth of Hope in Santa Lucia’s Shrine.

Holy Wednesday: vigil for Jesus being buried in the Temple of School of Christ and children’s procession of Jesus of Nazareth “The Pilgrim” and our Lady of Sorrows.

Holy Thursday: the procession of Jesus of Nazareth of Humility in San Cristobal el Bajo’s village, Jesus of Nazareth of Atonement of the Church of San Francisco, and Our Lady of Sorrows.

Good Friday: neighbors work on carpets made of sawdust and flowers for the passage of the procession of Jesus of Nazareth of Penance from the temple of Mercy and our Lady of Sorrows.

Holy Saturday: the procession of our Lady of Sorrows of the Temple of San Felipe de Jesus and School of Christ and the procession of Condolence of the Consecrated image of Maria Santisima de Soledad.

Eastern Sunday: procession of Jesus the Resurrected of the Iglesia de Obras Sociales of Santo Hermano Pedro.

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