How to Plan an ideal Guatemala and Belize Family Holiday

How to Plan an ideal Guatemala and Belize Family Holiday

Going for a family vacation to Guatemala and Belize can perform memorable experiences for yourself and your family and provide you with a much-needed break from the needs on the job and the effects of covid-19; a holiday is an exceptional opportunity for the family members to connect.

Going for a family vacation can provide you with the chance to invest top-quality time with your kids while allowing them to experience cultural, natural, and adventure activities in a new place in the heart of the Mayan world.

Activities to experience as a family:

There are several types of activities for the family members to enjoy as a group traveling to Central America:

Heading on outdoor hikes together



Experience museums and galleries

Taste local food

Discover nature

Enjoy the sun and white sand beaches in the Caribbean.

Going swimming


Maya culture, and more

Guatemala Family destinations

Here we show you the best family destinations in Guatemala to organize a unique holiday:

Antigua Guatemala

Located just 27 miles from La Aurora international airport, La Antigua, Guatemala’s colonial city, is one of its ideal family vacation spots.

The panorama that surrounded this colonial jewel is unique. The majestic Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango volcanoes decorate the scenery. Any moment you will enjoy the eruptions of Fuego volcano, one of the country’s three active volcanoes.

Besides the natural richness is the city’s cultural aspect, street sellers coming every day to Antigua to sell a wide variety of textiles and handicrafts; the seller mainly belongs to some of the indigenous groups and still wears their typical clothes.

If you wish to experience a cultural family destination, Antigua Guatemala is the place; the city offers galleries, museums, impressive architecture, and a select group of dining areas.

Antigua Guatemala also is the departure point to organize many daily activities such as volcano hikes, coffee tours, zip-lining, biking, birding, and a day tour to Tikal, Chichicastenango, and Lake Atitlan, among others.

Lake Atitlan

Atitlan is another location that will surprise you; surrounded by Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro volcano, lake Atitlan constitutes the core of cultural destinations around Guatemala. Two main ethnic groups predominate around the lake, Tzutujiles and Cakchiqueles.

The Maya Cosmovision and customs of this Maya people perform a colorful palette of customs and traditions that amaze locals and visitors; you and your family can discover the art of textiles, paints, ceramic, and medicinal trails.

Travel activities that will help to understand a new culture and would contribute to the personal growth of your family

Lake Atitlan also is a unique natural place to go for your loved ones. You can train your kids the way you use a kayak or canoe, hiking, horseback riding, birding, and biking, in addition to taking pleasure in the stunning landscape and cultural richness around the lake.

Tikal and The Maya Lowlands

In case your family members like to trek and discover more about nature, a vacation to the tropical rainforest can be quite a great chance to grow closer as a family.

Tikal National Park is a natural and archaeological destination considered among the top globally. It is stated like a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tikal has a lot to offer as a family destination.

Well-designed trials will take under the exotic tropical rainforest that inhabits a wide variety of wildlife such as troops of spider and howlers monkeys, more than 400 bird species, reptiles, and insects.

Besides this unique natural world are the remains of the enigmatic Maya culture, temples, plazas, astronomical centers, Acropolis, stelae, and altars. Discover the fantastic architecture, Maya hieroglyphs writing system, and astronomic advances, including creating a Maya calendar.

Staying within the park will allow you to discover the other face of Tikal in our sunset and sunrise tour, a highly recommended experience for the whole family.

Stand Up Paddle on beach

Beach destination.

The beach has some notable points of interest for family members. Playing in the sand and swimming in the turquoise water of the Caribbean will supply several hours of enjoyment for your children while it will be possible to take pleasure from relaxing under the sun.

Our island and beach family destinations offer a great activity in the Pacific Sea’s volcanic sand beaches and the pristine sand shorelines and turquoise waters of the Atlantic coast.

Guatemala Pacific coast provides the opportunity to share quality time in activities like nature; birding boat trips inside the mangroves, surfing, and the release of turtles.

The Caribbean is spectacular for family holidays. The aquatic life around the second largest reef is a colorful world where the whole family can learn and enjoy a world-class vacation, activities, lodging, and fantastic food.

The Hol Chan marine reserve in Belize offers the chance to experience an encounter with nurse sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, and a great variety of colorful fish species.


Martsam travel uses hand-picked family-friendly properties located in ideal surroundings to fulfill the family members’ expectations. From three stars hotels to high-end properties, according to your budget and interest.


For families interested in birds-eye view experiences, SUVs, minivans, and vans on land transportation and water taxis in Belize, for short domestic flights, planes with capacity from 20 to 34 passengers family interesting in birds-eye view experiences provide helicopter adventures.


Flexibility is the key to an ideal family adventure.

Our family tours’ most valuable benefits are the in-depth know-how, professionalism, and reliability of our staff: travel specialists, guides, and drivers. Every one of them possesses high qualifications for fieldwork and also the best training.

The country’s culture and nature are elements of their daily life, so they are the best people to help you experience the best family holiday in Guatemala and Belize.

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