Learning Spanish in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is broadly regarded as probably the most stunning holiday destination on the planet; no Guatemala vacation could be complete without no visiting this colonial town. Ideally located at the country’s highlands, Antigua’s date ranges from the 1500s, and it has managed to preserve most of its Baroque charm within the cobblestone avenues, buildings, plazas, and water fountains.

Before a massive earthquake in the 1700s, Antigua was the capital city of Guatemala. Once the capital was transferred to Guatemala City, Antigua restored and preserved a lot of its previous elegance. Constructed on the grid system, it’s an accessible town to get around utilizing a map.

The Parque Central and the Cathedral of San José are two favorite locations for tourists and natives.

Antigua charms visitors with its colorful structures and blends of Spanish and Mayan culture, and it has been declared a Cultural UNESCO World Heritage site. Encompassed by three volcanoes, Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego, the scenery from Antigua is well-known.

Antigua is among the preferred holiday destinations for travelers aiming to study Spanish in an immersion setting. The town is sufficiently small to be conveniently traversed by walking, and the elegance and charm of the colonial structures combined with the spectacular natural views and vibrant Mayan culture turn it into a favorite Guatemala travel destination.

Because of the increased number of travelers, Antigua offers an exceptional quantity of Spanish language schools that supply all types of language classes. Traditional day schools with lodging as part of the cost are popular, but there are other revolutionary possibilities for students searching for a more genuine language experience.

Learning Spanish in Antigua Guatemala

Immersion Spanish language schools with a volunteer plan are becoming much more preferred by vacationers. Packages work from short, one-week plans to extended ones that may run for 30 days or longer. Volunteers frequently work in clinics, and schools, assisting with building projects, and much more. The advantages of mixing language courses with volunteer work are numerous.

Volunteers usually work with people who only speak Spanish, pushing students to utilize their recently obtained vocabulary skills. Simultaneously, volunteers visit a side of the country that a conventional Guatemala tour won’t show them. Finally, volunteers generally execute essential tasks that enhance the lives of the residents they meet.

Many Guatemala tours include Antigua as a featured destination, and many provide opportunities to enroll in Spanish programs at one of the many renowned language schools in the city. Whether you select a conventional method school, one that donates a percentage of tuition to a charitable organization, or even a work-study alternative, there is no more lovely place in the world to learn Spanish and submerge yourself in such a rich cultural tradition.

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