The Riviera Maya, An Attractive Destination in Mexico

We regularly confuse ourselves by including the famous city of Cancun among the destinations of the Riviera Maya, but this is not the case. On the contrary, Cancun is relatively close, in the same state but not in the Riviera Maya.

However, it is a crucial gateway to the Riviera since most visitors arriving by plane do so through the Cancun International Airport.

Riviera Maya begins a little beyond Puerto Morelos to Punta Herrero, almost 120 km (86 miles) of the beautiful Caribbean coast.

The Riviera includes the phenomenal destinations of Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventura, Akumal, and Tulum, in addition to the fascinating Mayan Zone and its enigmatic history.

The Mayan culture:

The Riviera is full of sites with Mayan temples. Even necessary is that their descendants are still very Mayan; these people keep their ancient traditions alive in their daily activities, gastronomy, clothing, architecture, and language.

Our tours offer the opportunity to explore cities such as Cobá, home to the highest pyramids on the peninsula; Muyil, surrounded by crystalline channels; Tulum, the most prominent Mayan city, built next to the Caribbean Sea.

 Also, the opportunity to visit a local Mayan community to learn about its customs, its gastronomy, and its cosmovision.


The region receives millions of annual visitors to entirely enjoy nature, culture, and history. However, we are part of the movement interested in keeping this place as a paradise forever. We have local suppliers committed to preservation through innovative actions and proposals to create a sustainable Riviera and promote responsible tourism.

There are efforts by both the government and the private initiative to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate waste and work to preserve coral reefs, jungle, and purity of cenotes (freshwater sinks).


Riviera Maya is a destination where you can do as little or as much as you like. Imagine 430 miles (700 km) of flooded cave passages to explore (including two of the world’s most comprehensive underwater cave systems). The amazing Mesoamerican reef (basically the largest in the northern hemisphere); and the 1.6 million-acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (a UNESCO world heritage site). Visitors can kayak pristine canals or float with the current, plus an extraordinary amount of exotic and endemic flora and fauna, both on land and in the water.

The Riviera also offers the opportunity to discover impressive ecological adventure parks, shows, and environmental activities, such as cycling, trekking, fantastic zip lines, snorkeling, diving, or exploring our most exciting attraction: the Mayan jungle.


The hotel infrastructure of the Riviera Maya is exceptional and varied, from elegant boutique hotels in the center of Playa del Carmen to rustic excavations on the beautiful beach of Tulum.

Do you want luxury with a unique touch? We offer it in expansive all-inclusive resorts, where second nature pampering guests and families can enjoy babysitting and kids’ clubs.

There are hidden paradises for special occasions or couples seeking adult-only privacy for romantic getaways and gourmet dinners.

The Riviera Maya, a world to discover.

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