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Cultural Tour
Cultural Tour

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    The “Luxury Tour Guatemala Package” offers an 11-day prime trip through Guatemala’s highlands and lowlands, featuring creative and exclusive activities. Stay in hand-picked properties in inspiring destinations and be led by the best guides and scholars. The tour includes history, culture, live culture, nature, archaeology, birdwatching, Maya rituals, culinary experiences, markets, textiles, and a helicopter trip. Highlights include Antigua Guatemala, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan, Iximche, Tikal, and El Mirador. This luxury package is designed to provide a high-level standard of services, ensuring an unforgettable experience in Guatemala.

    • Duration:11 Days, 10 Nights
    • Difficulty:Moderate
    • Group Size:Minimum 2
    • Comfort Level:Luxury

    Luxury Tour Guatemala Package: An 11-Day Exclusive Journey

    Embark on the “Luxury Tour Guatemala Package,” an 11-day excursion offering a blend of cultural richness, historical depth, and natural beauty. This premium tour takes you through Guatemala’s most iconic destinations, including Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and the majestic Tikal, all while ensuring comfort and exclusivity.

    Antigua Guatemala – Colonial Elegance and Charm

    Your journey begins in the enchanting city of Antigua Guatemala, known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Explore cobbled streets, visit historic churches, and enjoy the city’s lively atmosphere. Luxurious accommodations in Antigua provide a perfect blend of historical ambiance and modern comfort.

    Lake Atitlan – Serenity and Natural Splendor

    Next, the tour takes you to the breathtaking Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes and traditional Maya villages. Here, you’ll experience the lake’s tranquility and the local communities’ rich cultural heritage. Enjoy exclusive activities like private boat tours and cultural experiences that showcase the unique lifestyle of the lake’s inhabitants.

    Tikal – A Journey Through Ancient Mayan Civilization

    The highlight of your luxury tour is a visit to Tikal, one of the most significant archaeological sites of the Mayan civilization. Explore ancient temples and pyramids, learn about the Mayan history and culture, and marvel at the lush rainforest setting. Expert guides enhance your understanding of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Exclusive Experiences and Comfort Throughout

    Throughout the “Luxury Tour Guatemala Package,” you’ll enjoy various exclusive activities, including culinary experiences, market visits, and interactions with local artisans. Each day ends with a return to luxurious accommodations, where comfort and elegance await. The tour also includes a unique helicopter trip, offering a bird’s-eye view of Guatemala’s stunning landscapes.

    A Memorable Luxury Adventure in Guatemala

    his luxury tour package caters to those seeking an immersive cultural experience, combining the highest standard of service and comfort. From historical explorations in Antigua to the natural wonders of Lake Atitlan and the ancient splendors of Tikal, the “Luxury Tour Guatemala Package” promises a memorable and exclusive adventure in the heart of Central America.

    Pick up / Drop off locations

    La Aurora International Airport


    • Minibus
    • Boat
    • Plane
    • Helicopter

    Physical demand

    Trip may include activities like walks, flights and boat rides

    Please note

    Prices based in double occupancy, and not valid for peak season like Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Thanksgiving. Please inquire for more information.

    What's Included

    • History
    • Culture
    • Live Culture
    • Nature
    • Archaeology
    • Birdwatching
    • Maya Rituals
    • Culinary Experiences
    • Markets & Textiles
    • Helicopter Trip


    • Antigua Guatemala
    • Chichicastenango
    • Lake Atitlan
    • Iximche
    • Tikal
    • El Mirador

    Luxury Tour Guatemala Package: A Comprehensive Itinerary

    This itinerary idea can be customized to suit your and your family’s interests. Contact us; we are pleased to hear your comments, wishes, and expectations, and we are ready to design the trip to suit you

    Day 1Arrival in Antigua Guatemala

    Begin your “Luxury Tour Guatemala Package” with a warm welcome by Martsam Travel’s team at La Aurora International Airport, followed by a transfer to La Antigua Guatemala. Enjoy three nights in a boutique hotel in this historic city.

    Day 2Artistic and Cultural Exploration in Antigua

    After breakfast, explore Antigua’s fine art galleries showcasing Latin American artists. Savor local cuisine at a renowned restaurant, then wander through Antigua’s cobblestone streets, discovering its churches, plazas, and markets, rich with European and local architectural influences

    Day 3Leisure in Antigua's Colonial Charm

    Spend the day at your leisure in Antigua with guidance from our specialists to meet your interests and expectations.

    Day 4Iximche Archaeological Site and Maya Ritual

    Post-breakfast, head to Iximche, a significant archaeological site, and former Kaqchiquel Maya Kingdom capital. Participate in a Maya ritual, then continue to Lake Atitlan, checking into a hotel with stunning lake and volcano views.


    Day 5Adventure and Culture around Lake Atitlan

    Embark on a biking adventure through local villages, starting at Tzununa. Visit San Juan La Laguna to learn traditional textile creation, then head to Santiago Atitlan for lunch and cultural exploration, including the Maximon shrine. Return to your hotel and enjoy Lake Atitlan’s beauty.

    Day 6Chichicastenango Market Experience

    Visit the vibrant Chichicastenango Market, immersing yourself in local trade and culture. Explore the Santo Tomas Cathedral, the colorful cemetery, and the sacred hill of Pascual Abaj. Return to your Lake Atitlan hotel.

    Day 7Leisure at Lake Atitlan

    Enjoy a day of relaxation, kayaking, cooking lessons, or exploring Panajachel, complemented by breathtaking lake views.

    Day 8 Helicopter Adventure to Maya Lowlands

    Experience a helicopter ride from Lake Atitlan to Lake Peten Itza at one of our handpicked properties. Visit Flores or enjoy a sunset at Yaxha Archaeological Site.

    Day 9El Mirador Helicopter Adventure

    Fly to El Mirador for a jungle hike and explore this ancient Mayan city. Return to your hotel by helicopter.

    Day 10 Tikal Archaeological Tour and Return to Guatemala City

    Discover Tikal’s ancient wonders, followed by lunch and a flight to Guatemala City. Spend the night in a city property.

    Day 11Back Home

    Conclude your luxury tour with a transfer to La Aurora International Airport for your homeward journey.


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