Discover Caye Caulker – Belize

Less than an hour by boat from the Belizean coast, it is an island with an atmosphere that is now considered lost to most of the world. If one seeks an island adventure, then Caye Caulker is more than ideal. A place where relaxation is the norm, timekeeping is optional, and going barefoot is as easy as breathing.

Caye Caulker started as a small fishing village for a small group of Mestizo’s, is now a metaphor for what Belize truly is, “the melting pot of races.” Many a visitor arrives expecting to stay just a night or two and end up spending their entire vacation on the “Go slow island.”

The whole island is less than five miles long, and most of the attractions are less than 15 minutes away on foot. If walking is not appealing, then bikes and Golf carts are the local’s solution to quicker transport modes.

Belize possesses the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, and the island boasts one of the most pristine views of its breaking waves that are less than a mile away. Its proximity to some of the countries most fantastic attractions makes it an ideal jumping-off point for those who seek to enjoy all that Belize has to offer.

If nature and adventure are your interest, then the choices vary from bird watching to snorkeling, scuba diving, and even swimming with manatees. If your goal is mainly relaxation, then the “split” is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a few beers.

The college of arts and crafts available are too numerous to describe. Almost every local culture has contributed to the vast amount of trinkets, necklaces, carvings, and paintings available.

Accommodations vary from high-end Condominiums and rental houses to Cabanas on the beach overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters. The abundant array of foods available can satisfy the pallet of even the pickiest eater. It is not uncommon to enjoy fresh seafood, drink cocktails, and Coladas flavored with freshly picked fruit while listening to the sound of the reef in the distance.

Belize under the sea turtle

Caye Caulker maintains a charm that is unlike any other. It truly is, in a world of its own. It isn’t easy to paint a better Holiday picture than the spectacular memories awaiting those who decide to set their bare feet on this tiny island.

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