Family Travel – Guatemala

Family travel is a booming and growing segment of the tourism Industry. More families are taking their children on vacations than ever before which has resulted in a growing demand for destinations that are kids friendly. Families are seeking destinations that have resorts that offer activities for children such as kids clubs and nanny services. They are also exploring places with restaurants that have specific menus for children and even a wide array of child-friendly activities to ensure that the children have a great experience on their vacation. Destination Guatemala fits the bill as an option for a family vacation in paradise because the country has so many child-friendly amenities. We will highlight some of the highly recommended child-friendly resorts and activities that this alluring Central American country has to offer.

Family Friendly Resorts

There are some family-friendly resorts in all the major tourist destinations within Guatemala. In the vibrant Guatemala City region, resorts such as; The Barcelo Guatemala City and the Westin Camino Real all offer amazing kid-friendly activities such as kids camps and pools to keep the young ones happy and engaged while at the hotel. These properties are also relatively close to the international airport which makes them accessible for families with kids who do not wish to travel too far to get to a hotel.

The Peten region of Guatemala is also home to child-friendly accommodation options such as; La Lancha Village Hotel, Las Lagunas Hotel, Bolontiku Hotel, and Villa Maya. These properties include amenities such as pools and nanny service and are centrally located close to the main activities and attractions in the region. In the Tikal area, the Jungle Lodge Hotel, Tikal Inn and Hotel Jaguar Inn are all located within the Tikal National Park. These hotels are ideal for overnight stays if you are visiting the park with your family.

Antigua also offers some of the most beautiful child-friendly resorts in Guatemala. Some of the recommended hotels to take the entire family are; The Porta Hotel Antigua, Finca Filadelfia, and the Hotel Meson de Maria. The Porta Hotel offers nanny services, age-specific children’s programs and large family rooms that can accommodate large families. The Hotel Meson de Maria provides babysitting services, family suites, and twenty-four-hour concierge service. One, therefore, sees that there are several family-friendly hotel options available to you to facilitate a family vacation to Guatemala!

Family Friendly Vacations

When you take your family on vacation, the experiences that you have together matters. This is one of the reasons why you should take your family to Guatemala. Martsam Travel offers several family-friendly tour packages and activities that will create lifelong memories for every member of the family. One of the fun places to take the children is the nature-friendly Peten region. The Tikal National Park is one of the attractions that are ideal for the family. The Park is both a cultural and natural haven; it is one of most bio-diverse places in Guatemala including several plants and animal species. The children will enjoy encounters with fantastic wildlife such as howler monkeys, coatimundis, Central American Agouties and over 400 species of birds in their natural environment. In our family tour packages, we provide a well-trained and family-friendly tour guide to ensure that the entire family safely interact with the animals and also learn the peculiarities of these beautiful creatures of nature. In the same breath, they will enjoy touring the Mayan Temples which will take them back to the bygone era of the Mayan civilization in Guatemala.

If you take the family to the Antigua region, the Choco Museo (Chocolate Museum) should be one of the places that you visit. At this exciting Museum, both adults and children are taught the art of chocolate making, which is an excellent way for the family to bond. You will also get to keep all the chocolate that the family makes as souvenirs. This is a fascinating family experience available to you in Antigua, biking, zip lining, volcano hikes, and birding opportunities are also other tours that will improve your family holidays.

Lake Atitlan is another fantastic destination where you will have the opportunity to discover the natural and cultural faces on the country to experience the stunning views of volcanoes or stop at some of the waterfalls for a refreshing break. A tour of Lake Atitlan will give your children a greater appreciation for nature and culture. Lake Atitlan also provides opportunities for kayaking, bird watching, zip lining, horseback riding and visiting a unique butterfly farm. These exciting activities will keep the children entertained and happy which translates into excellent family fun!
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