Guatemala Traditions

Guatemala traditions are incredibly diversified and varied in origins. Even though the culture is conveyed in a different way in every area, also, they are comparable in several elements. Probably the most preferred traditions consist of:

Market Days

Traditionally marketplaces had been kept on avenues as well as in amenable places to interchange or negotiate different merchandise. Within the communities of Guatemala, peasants and artisans offer their goods in open public locations or squares on the particular day or days throughout the full week.

These trading markets are an element of the lifestyles of Guatemalans. Among the best recognized the market of Chichicastenango around the highlands, living Maya culture.

Traditional Celebrations

All year round, traditional festivals in communities, small villages, or departmental capitals are placed honoring each city’s patron saint; the activities undoubtedly are a reason for festivity in most cases, begin with a bulk presented in the catholic church. The fests continue quite a few days and can include artistic events, typical meals, and games, amongst other activities.

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