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Prime adventure focused on taking travelers into the top destinations, exploring the best of the region through genuine and luxury experiences.

Prime adventure focused on taking travelers into the top destinations, exploring the best of the region through genuine and luxury experiences.

Tour and travel packages for people that enjoy unique adventures discover the colorful Maya live culture and its traditions, be amazed by the beauty of the colonial Antigua Guatemala.

Explore the mystic Tikal and its tropical rain-forest that inhabits a great variety of flora and fauna or live a culinary experience in the paradisiac lake Atitlan with our touch of luxury.

Unique boutique hotels, prime lodges and colonial properties located in the most inspired destinations that will provide you high-quality services through it is bigger and little details that will make your trip a fantastic experience.

Scholars and specialist bilingual guides, SUV vehicles and comfortable transportation, sightseeing helicopter adventures and helicopter trips, picnics served within national parks and incredible destinations in The Heart of The Mayan World.

Whether you’d like to go or the type of vacation you’re looking for, there’s a luxury vacation waiting for you.

Why consider a luxury getaway? First, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll want to repeat. Luxury vacations in Guatemala and Belize offer a chance to see the Mayan World yet get away from it all. Booking this type of vacation with Martsam Travel can be easy as well, with everything taken care of for you.

The luxury vacation doesn’t begin when you arrive. Instead, it starts even before you leave home because you’ll have peace of mind that everything is in order and great anticipation for the beautiful experience ahead.

When you book this vacation, everything is taken care of ahead of time. You’ll have travel arranged to the airport, to your hotel, and everything in between. Personal attendants could greet you; you could have a private driver while on vacation or choose from a wide range of services.

Depending on your interest, you’ll have an assortment of amenities and activities from which to choose. Interested in a private beach in the Caribbean? Scuba diving in a secluded area? Intimate culinary experience?. Whatever you’re looking for, a luxury vacation can accommodate you!

Luxury adventures are available all over the Mayan World. While many people automatically think of beautiful sunny beaches and green water associated with a luxury vacation, many places and activities are to choose from. For example, consider a cultural immersion in Antigua Guatemala, or even an active volcano getaway.

Discover the Guatemalan landscape in luxury and style on a helicopter adventure that gives you unforgettable bird’s-eye views. Fly over active volcanoes, immerse yourself in the local Mayan culture of Lake Atitlán, and take a sunrise or sunset tour of ancient Mayan cities.

However, suppose you are looking for a more exotic location. In that case, you may want to travel to Lake Atitlán and stay in a private villa with all the comforts and personalized service.

On a luxury holiday, you can discover everything from living culture, Mayan archeology, tropical jungle, turquoise waters, and white sand beaches.

Cultural Tour

Luxury Tour Guatemala

Go through the highlands and lowlands of Guatemala, including exclusive activities, staying in hand-picked properties in the most inspiring destinations.

Over 200 5 Star Reviews

5 star reviews

Visiting the Maya ruins in Peten Guatemala is a fabulous travel experience. Lily and the team at Martsam Travel in Guatemala are experts at making your travel plans come true. ln addition to the immense cultural value of the sites, you have chances to see unusual tropical animals. Totally great experience!


5 star reviews
A travel agency that makes you feel assisted every step of the trip – what a nice experience. Lily was checking every day to make sure things were going as well as possible, and went out of the way to accommodate last minute changes to my trip.


5 star reviews

I am beyond thankful that we found Martsam as they made our 10 day trip so perfect. We learned so much about Guatemalan and Mayan history. The hotels they booked for us were beautiful, luxurious, and affordable. I HIGHLY recommend using Martsum to plan a trip to Guatemala!!!


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