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Set Departures Guatemala

Unique local experiences

Guatemala is one of the most colorful regions of America, here you experience an authentic immersion into the Mayan World; along with your professional guides, who are specialized on each destination, you will be lead to get into our live culture consisting of 22 ethnic groups, local markets, beliefs, traditions, festivals and Cosmo vision.

Astounding Maya cities lost in the heart of the tropical jungle, such as Tikal, Uaxactun, El Mirador, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca and Dos Pilas among others; this is where the enigmatic Maya civilization developed the hieroglyphic writing, the outstanding art, and the discovery of number zero which represents the absence of value.

Small Groups

We have created a set departure itinerary that takes you, as part of small groups, to several fantastic natural and cultural destinations within the Mayan World. Cultural encounters, archaeological expeditions, nature and adventure treks and more.

Affordable small group tours Guatemala to guarantee that you will enjoy as much as possible all the activities and to have a close contact with our specialist tour guides and scholars that lead our tours and expeditions.

Please feel free to check our departures schedule and reserve your seats.

Hand-picked Properties

24 successful years organizing truly memorable journeys in Guatemala with professionalism, commitment and flexibility, providing you a real value that means more for your money with a personalized service at local price.

We will take you through colorful landscapes, unique destinations and handpicked selected hotels and properties located in the most inspiring locations of Guatemala and the Mayan world, also professional tour guides, safe and comfortable transportation.

Our passionate local travel advisors will provide you an instant help with a quick reply to your inquiries to solve your questions about our Guatemala journeys.


Set Departures Guatemala

Take a look at our examples of travel packages to get an idea of what you can find in these fantastic destinations; each itinerary is flexible and very easy to customize to meet your travel expectations, hotel type, and personal wishes.

Great Jaguar Temple
Tikal From Antigua Guatemala

This is a one-day tout starting at 4:00 am with an early transfer to take a short flight to Flores, then you will continue in your Tour to Tikal

Temple Four Tikal
Tikal From Guatemala City

5:00 am early transfer from your hotel in Guatemala City to La Aurora international airport to take a short flight to Flores to start your Tikal tour

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Tikal One Day Tour
In this tour, you will be guided along the paths of the most important city in the Mayan world. Abundant wildlife, the Mayan forest, temples millennial...
Yaxha One Day Tour
Yaxha One Day Tour
Yaxha is a Maya city of monumental magnitude with more than 500 buildings. Positioned on a hillside, northern of the lagoon, it occupies from eastern till west 3 kilometers.
El Mirador Helicopter Tour
El Mirador Helicopter Tour
Those heli tours are the best seller in our helicopter adventures in Guatemala. This helicopter trip delivers spectacular aerial sights of the lake Peten Itza, the island of Flores, El Mirador...
Antigua Villages One Day Tour
Antigua Village Tour
Enjoy a tour through the villages around Antigua Guatemala; where you will learn their history through ruined buildings, live culture and the incomparable view.
Antigua Guatemala Biking Tour
Antigua Biking Tour
The terrain in and around Antigua is a mountain biker’s paradise. Riders can bike through the Almolonga Valley, visiting the villages of Santa Ana, San Juan del Obispo, San Pedro Las Huertas...
Chichicastenango One Day Market Tour
Chichicastenango Market
Chichicastenango was established by indigenous nobility running the Spanish in Utatlan or Q’umarkaj the Quiches capital in the late 1520s. Marketplace days (Thursday and Sundays)
Tikal Sunrise & Sunset Tour
Tikal Sunrise and Sunset
The natural surroundings of the Maya city are a laboratory of fauna and flora which is a perfect proof of a humid subtropical forest. In this tour, you will be guided along the paths of the most important city...

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