Antigua Guatemala Village One-Day Tour

Day Tour
Day Tour

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    • Duration:1 Day
    • Destination:Guatemala

    Venture on the Antigua Guatemala Village One-Day Tour

    Enjoy the rich history and vibrant culture with the “Antigua Guatemala Village One-Day Tour.” This journey takes you through the picturesque villages surrounding Antigua Guatemala, offering a unique blend of historical exploration and cultural immersion.

    Discovering San Juan El Obispo and Beyond

    Firstly, explore San Juan El Obispo, founded by Francisco Marroquín, and delve into its historical significance. Next, wander through San Pedro Las Huertas, absorbing its unique charm and vibrant local life.

    Unveiling the Secrets of Ciudad Vieja

    Afterward, uncover the mysteries of Ciudad Vieja, once buried by a devastating earthquake-triggered mudslide in 1541. Here, the remnants of the past whisper tales of its former glory and subsequent rebirth.

    A Taste of Organic Farming

    Moreover, visit an experimental Organic Macadamia Farm to gain insights into sustainable farming practices and, perhaps, savor the fresh produce.

    Engaging with Santiago Zamora’s Cooperative

    Subsequently, engage with the women of Santiago Zamora cooperative, where you’ll witness their daily activities and understand their local home life. This cooperative, focusing on showcasing their local daily activities to tourists, provides a genuine glimpse into their day-to-day lives.

    Exploring San Antonio Aguas Calientes

    Lastly, explore San Antonio Aguas Calientes, where the vibrant colors of local textiles and the community’s warmth will enchant you.

    Concluding the Antigua Guatemala Village O”e-Day Tour

    In conclusion, the “Antigua Guatemala Village One-Day Tour” promises a day filled with discovery, connecting you with the historical roots and living culture of the villages surrounding Antigua Guatemala.


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